Book Review Policy


   As a book reviewer, I know that it is important to be honest, so I cannot promise a positive review. My intentions are to never to hurt the author or publisher, but instead to promote them and raise awareness of the book. So with that being said, I must also hold the right to decline a request or not post a review in the case that I feel my review would only hurt the author, or if I feel the book just isn’t right for me. I will add that my reviews are always kept in a professional tone and with the author’s feelings and hard work in mind.

My reviews are always honest and are also syndicated to Goodreads, Amazon, Chapters, and this blog. 

I occasionally receive Advanced Reader Copies of books to review. No compensation is given or taken.


You are more than welcome to use the review I give your book for promotional purposes, only if you’d like. Feel free to use any whole, or partial complete portion. Though, I would love it if you would send me an email to tell me where I can see the review, it would make me feel so special! *blushes*

  • Print and ebook copies 
  • ARCs/Galleys, and Finished Copies. Any digital files will have to be in an appropriate format. (.MOBI) Please do not attach the file to your e-mail unless accepted.
  • I will accept books from any publisher or author in the YA genre in exchange for a honest review, but may decline if I feel the book just isn’t right for me. I typically enjoy novels that are big on adventure, horror, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural themes, contemporary or new world settings (utopian/dystopian), and am especially drawn to those that include romance, but only in the YA genre. 
     -Middle-Grade/Children Books
-Non-Fiction (but some may interest me)
-Indie and Self-Published

If you are an author, publicist, publisher, or other publishing affiliate interested in having me review a book, please comment below, with your contact information, and I may be able to accept your request.

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