Saving June, by Hannah Harrington

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Title: Saving June
Author: Hannah Harrington
Rating: 3/5 stars
Release Date: November 22, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Format: Paperback Edition

    I think that this is one of my first suicidal novels, and I really liked it, that part for instance. 

    Saving June was a sad, (made me miserable) powerful novel that captivates you in the beginning, but then leaves you out after that. It's like one of those irresponsible parents who leave their 3 year old kid outside by themselves, you know what I mean. Anyways...

    I really liked the beginning. Harper's story just made me want to stay in there forever, until about the time that her, Jake, and Laney leave for California. 

    I got bored, then and for the rest of the novel. To me, nothing interesting happened, there was just a lot of mishaps and stupid things done, I mean what the characters did. The details weren't as intriguing, and I felt like it could have been done better.

    Harper wasn't the best heroine, but I liked her unique, happy self at the same time. She made me laugh, and cry and find meaning in life, just kidding, by the way, that's a quote from Eragon, "Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh, and cry, and find meaning in life." (Christopher Paolini) 

   Jake wasn't the hot bad boy that I thought that he'd be, he made dumb decisions, and I wouldn't want someone like that. The same with Laney. Grr.. I wish that this could've been better, but it wasn't.

   Although the sucky part, I believe that June's story should be remembered, because it was mysterious and awesome at the same time, if you know what I mean.

Forgotten Lyrics, by Amanda Hocking

Title: Forgotten Lyrics (Watersong, 0.5)
Author: Amanda Hocking
Rating: 5/5 stars
Release Date: October 30, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format: Paperback (included in Lullaby)

     Finally, I get to hear the past of Aggie, that siren girl who Thea, Lexi, and Penn mentioned in the first novel, but who we never got to hear about. And, to hear about Daniel, five years before, yumm...

     In 60 pages, a lot can happen, my friends. This plot was super-intriguing, captivating me very quickly, especially since I adore this series.

     My favourite part was Aggie's, and Daniel's. Finding about what happened to his brother was good to hear, but sad at the same time, if you read this, then you'll know what I mean. Lydia's story was really good as well, I'm hoping to hear about her and her grandmother in the rest of the Watersong novels.

     Amazing, amazing, amazing, Amanda Hocking has done it again, and will again, and again, and again.

Lullaby, by Amanda Hocking

Title: Lullaby
Author: Amanda Hocking
Rating: 5/5 stars
Release Date: November 27, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format: Paperback

   As much as I adored Wake, I think that I loved this one a teensy bitsy less, but still deserving a five star rating. The characters, plot, and everything just seemed amazing here as well, and I'm counting the days until Tidal, comes out! Only about a week or two!

   I don't care what others say, Gemma is an awesome heroine, she's fearless, brave, loving, and would take risks to save the ones she loves. 

   Before I get to the other characters, lemme express how much I loved the plot this time around. With Gemma missing, everyone's depressed, and are waiting for news to be heard. Especially Alex, Harper, and Daniel, who are beginning to figure out the truth... Ahh! I couldn't put this down, despite how long it took me to finish. This series is a real quick read, one that will have you craving for more everytime. 

   Harper is one awesome sister! Doing anything to find where her little sis is, Harper is the type of confident, independent gal that I like.

    Of course, Alex is the one I love, especially with his charming, weather-tracking sense. But, I also found myself loving Daniel, especially after reading Forgotten Lyrics, the extra short story added in this.

     Go Watersong series, Go! I love it so much, I can't help it, but I think about it a lot.

Two-Way Street, by Lauren Barnholdt

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Title: Two-Way Street
Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Rating: 4/5 stars
Release Date: June 26, 2007
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Format: Paperback Edition

   Lalala... Well hello, do you care to join me and my trusty team? NO. It's just me, and you! *grins in weird way*

   Hey, sorry. I just felt to write that, and when I feel to write something, I write it!
   Okay, back to book blogging. After Aces Up, I wanted more from Lauren Barnholdt, and, I finally got the "more." I'm very glad I found this novel, because I really enjoyed it, it was a light, cute read.

  Yes, cute. I don't know why, but this book just feels cute, overall. Just look at the pretty cover! It seems like the perfect summer read!
   Anyways, I enjoyed the plot so much. It was fast-paced, had about everything I was looking for, and it was worth the money spent. I loved being in Courtney's and Jordan's world. (What nice names chosen)

   Courtney and Jordan were great characters. I loved that both points of view were included, from the past and present, and maybe an after in the end. They were quirky, and realistic, feeling like a high school couple, or is it, today. 

  There was one thing that just kept on smacking me, that annoyed me, though. Whenever Courtney talked about her friend, Jocelyn, she always named her as "my friend Jocelyn." Like the first time, okay. Second time, okayy, and then after that, like SERIOUSLY DUDE? What's going on here? 

   Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It made me laugh, and made my day full. I need more from Barnholdt, again!

Sophomore Switch, by Abby McDonald

Title: Sophomore Switch
Author: Abby McDonald
Rating: 3/5 stars
Release Date: March 10, 2009
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Format: Hardcover

     No more bargain books for me! They always end up disappointing me, for some reason! Sophomore Switch was probably worse than McDonald's other novel, Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots. At least, that one had more romance and action, in a way.

    Okay, so the plot was okay, in the beginning. There were so many characters, and I sometimes forgot who was in who's point of view, Tasha's or Emily's. And at first, I didn't have a clue why these two characters were in the same novel, what was the point. Until... Well, you'll have to read this to figure it out on your own.

    Emily, for me was the more likeable lady, I think because of her personality and heart. Or, maybe it's because of her better grammar in the instant messages, and her intelligence, who knows?! 

    Tasha, on the other hand, to me should have just stayed in her party town. She hardly cared about school, and was accepted into Oxford? What's happening here, the nearby future where all teens already get their dream job at 13 and the less smart kids come to top-notch colleges? Mamma mia...

   And I do not remember the guys' names in the plot, because they just didn't make sense to me. 

    I'm sorry I just do not understand the point of the characters in this story, maybe just stick with that college life plot and that's all? 

  Or... maybe it was because of the author's age? I heard that she's young. Hmmph...

  By the way, this is a three-star rating because I liked the plot but the characters sucked, I just wanted to point that out. :)



Wake, by Amanda Hocking

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Title: Wake
Author: Amanda Hocking
Rating: 5/5 stars
Release Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin 
Format: Paperback Edition

   Finally, I'm on the last review for tonight. Finally, I'm all caught up. :)

   Wake was amazing, definitely one of the best I've read for a while. I couldn't put it down, and I NEED the next novel. Amanda Hocking is unstoppable.

   This plot was magical. I felt as if I just skimmed through it, but I'm talking in a good way. I read it super-fast, and just didn't want it to end. 

   Gemma was one of the best heroines, ever. Despite the part where she takes her mentally sick's mother's advice, she was fantastic. 

   Racing, breathtaking, awesome, awesome, awesome, haha, and everything in between, Wake was unstoppable.



Lola and the Boy Next Door, by Stephanie Perkins

Title: Lola and the Boy Next Door
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Rating: 5/5 stars
Release Date: September 29, 2011
Publisher: Dutton Books
Format: ebook

   After Anna and the French Kiss, I became obsessed with Stephanie Perkins, and her novels. Becoming scared that Anna and Etienne won't be mentioned in here, I didn't know if it'd be that good.

   But... YAY THEY WERE MENTIONED! Working with Anna, Lola knew her pretty well and were good friends, even with St. Clair.

  OMGOMGOMGOMG, I adored this plot! Unpredictable and wanting to know what happens next, this novel will give you possibilities in your mind, like it did for me.

   I didn't put this one down until it was over, seriously. I can't wait until Isla's story!

  Cricket... Oh Cricket! You are almost as awesome as Etienne, but not quite. But, I'm definitely on your side, not Max's. Get out of here, noob!

   Having Lola as a main character was really fun. She made my day, and will definitely make yours. 

   Have fun with this novel, because I know that I definitely did!

The Alchemy of Forever, by Avery Williams

Title: The Alchemy of Forever
Author: Avery Williams
Rating: 5/5 stars
Release Date: July 10, 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback Edition

   AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I feel that I just incarnated into another body, because this book has changed my point of view on life! I am now fully obsessed with the concept of incarnation. 

   Avery Williams has created a world for me, that is racing, romantic, and that is just full on brilliant. I can't wait for more. About two more weeks!
   The point of view of Seraphina's was unstoppable. I cannot describe in words how much I enjoyed to read them, but I can tell you this, I will never forget this story. My brain is just replaying the whole novel over and over in my head, and that is a good thing, by the way.

   This plot never became boring, I was always into it, and I never wanted it to end.

   Seraphina was one AWESOME heroine. She's super intelligent, awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome fearless, and stunning, come on just look at the cover!

   I am definitely on Team Noah. He's always there for Sera, and never would leave her. I hope, that in the next novel, she comes out to him and tells him the truth!

   What perfection. Ahh...

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor, by Jaclyn Moriarty

Title: The Spell Book of Listen Taylor
Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Release Date: September 1, 2007
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Format: Paperback Edition

  I really thought that I wouldn't like this book. I really didn't, but I bought it anyway, despite the bad reviews on this.

   I believed that this was more of an adult book, but not with adult features, just adult problems, like affairs. The four women in this novel, Listen, Cath, Fancy, and Marbie all proved the lively of womanhood, and how great it is to be a female.

   This plot was confusing, at first. I didn't know who was who, and what role they played in this book. But, as I read on and on, I realized the truth, and how bad this book really wasn't. It did become boring at times, but I always found that sense of humor and happiness throughout, even if it wasn't right at my face.

    I liked Fancy the best, after all. Her funny remarks of the irritating things her husband did was hilarious, and the way she thought of things was fun to read about.

    By the end, I found myself not wanting this novel to end. Quirky, beautiful in its own way and reasonable, The Spell Book of Listen Taylor is one to remember. 

The Lost Crown, by Sarah Miller

Title: The Lost Crown
Author: Sarah Miller
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Release Date: July 10, 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback Edition

   Loving Anastasia's Secret by Susane Dunlap, these two novels are very similar in plots, and of course, in characters. Despite the point of view and story of Anastasia, this one had all four Nikolaevna sisters as heroines, Maria, Anastasia, Olga, and Tatiana. I love them all, really.

    This plot wasn't the best, I admit. It was slow at times, and wasn't oh so interesting. But, I especially adored this novel because of its heroines.

   My favourite Nikolaevna sister is Anastasia. She is fearless, quirky, and beautiful in her own way. I love her troublemaker personality, and I feel that I have some sort of connection to her. Miller has created her ina fantastic way that will live up to me for a long time.

  Having the photos of the family on the back of the book helped a lot. It's kind of difficult to picture people who have lived in the past, personally. When I noticed the photos, I pictured the sisters personally, and changed the way I look at things. 

   A great novel, for those teen historians out there, even though I'm not one. :) 

Chime, by Franny Billingsley

Title: Chime
Author: Franny Billingsley
Rating: 3/5 stars
Release Date: April 12, 2012
Publisher: Speak
Format: Paperback Edition

  Coming from a historical-fiction hater, Chime, to me, wasn't that bad. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it, if you call a 3 star rating enjoyable.

   I'd say that this novel was a mix. It had about everything, from a historic setting, to witches, to some romance and thrill. 

   Despite the whole enjoyable comment a few sentences up, I may say that I became bored at times. I felt that this novel was slow-paced, where I usually enjoy fast-paced novels at times. Chime could've been better, at that concept of it's pacing.

    As the plot became boring and dull, it also had a special spark that I found myself craving for. You can't just leave this book, it's like it would never leave you. It's there, with it's sad eyes creeping for you to just open it. You can't let it go.

    Briony and Rose were two characters that I quite became fond of. They also had that spark, one that I couldn't let go of, just like the novel itself.

    Being an average, typical novel, Chime was one that will be sitting in my bookcase forever, possibly.

Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins

Title: Anna and the French Kiss
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Rating: 5/5 stars
Release Date: December 2, 2010
Publisher: Dutton
Format: Paperback Edition

   Ahh.. I felt as if Anna and the French Kiss was a breath of fresh air, comparing to the other "hard" novels that I've been reading lately. Romance, Europe, cute guys all in one? I likey...

   I've realized that there aren't that many good books in the world, like this one. This novel isn't predictable, isn't cheesy, but does cause you swooning for more, which is absolutely okay in this situation.

  This plot was amazing. Just astonishingly unstoppable. I never wanted it to end, but sadly, it did have to. I wanted Etienne to rock me in his arms and sing me a lullaby. Yes, I'm that cheesy.

   ETIENNE! Where art thou been? I LOVE YOU! What an amazing male character! I was praying to be Anna the whole time, wanting to flirt with him, and kiss him... But sadly, I just had to be in that situation, but not part of it. :(

   Anywho, instead of my fangirling (asdfghikl) I'd like to say how much I loved being in the point of view of Anna's. I could relate to her, being homesick at times and just wanting my old life and experiences back. But, as we found out later, she didn't want her old life back. She loved her new one in the same way and more. Being in her world made my day even more extraordinary, like opening a packet of Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups.

  I recommend this novel 100%. Becoming a new favourite, I loved the romance, and passion added into writing this. I can't wait for more. 

I Am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore

Title: I Am Number Four
Author: Pittacus Lore
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Release Date: August 3, 2010
Publisher: HarperCollins
Format: Paperback Edition

  Wanting to read this novel for a while, hearing that the movie sucked compared to the book, I Am Number Four intrigued me from reading the summary and hearing people's thoughts on it.

  Taking place in the futuristic world, with comparisons and references to the world of Lorien, this novel was the perfect thriller/romance for me. 

  As much as there were bad reviews here and there, I found myself drooling for more from Lore. (Lore, Lorien, maybe there's some sort of comparison here?) 

  This plot was unstoppably powerful. With more action towards the ending, I felt as if I soared through this, even though it took me a few days to accomplish. I cannot wait for The Power of Six!

  Having John as a main character/hero, I finally became excited for a male's point of view, wondering about romance and action throughout the novel. He was unpredictable, causing readers to figure out his next actions, but then ending up wrong.

   Breathtaking romance, unpredictability, and unstoppable action, I Am Number Four is the one for you.

Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots, by Abby McDonald

Title: Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots
Author: Abby McDonald
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Release Date: April 13, 2010
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Format: Hardcover Edition

   Now, this is what I'd call a summer read, although when I read this, I was sick and just felt for a fun, girly read, and this is what it was.

  I feel as if this novel, was that cheesy read that has a cheesy romance and is predictable. That is why, my fellas, I didn't like this novel too much. It could've been better, wayyyy better. 

  Being a Canadian, I felt as if this novel gave me a connection. Spending a summer in a small-town British Columbian town, I understood how much fun Jenna had, exploring the wilderness and all that. Us Canadians do have beautiful land.

   Adventrous, fun, and trying to save the world, Jenna is a good heroine. Although she did seem unhappy in a few ways in my opinion, I thought that she's a likeable person and one of the few that I did seem to like in one way or another.

    This book is one that will have you awwing at the right time, and that will have you smiling by the end. Pick up this book, maybe you'll like it or maybe you won't. 


For Keeps, by Natasha Friend

Title: For Keeps
Author: Natasha Friend
Rating: 4/5 stars
Release Date: April 28, 2011
Publisher: Speak
Format: Paperback Edition

   For Keeps was something that I'd describe as a quick, beachy read. 200 pages more or less, and a great coming of age story that will have you inspired.

   *Goodreads Summary:* For sixteen years, Josie Gardner and her mom, Kate, have been a team. It's been the Gardner Girls against the world, and that's how Josie likes it. Until one day, they find out that Paul Tucci, Kate's high school boyfriend-the father Josie has never met-is back in town. Josie's mom suddenly turns back into the heartbroken teenager she was when Paul moved away. Meanwhile, Josie's on the verge of having her first real boyfriend. And when Josie learns some surprising truths about Paul Tucci and the past, she begins questioning what she thought she knew, and finds out what happens when a girl gets the guy she always wanted and the dad she never knew she needed.

    Sounds very captivating, huh? Well, it was.

   This plot made my heart race, and my stomach churn for what would happen next. Families are all different, and finding the past of yours is important, and I believe that Josie made that clear.

  Josie was one heartstopping heroine. She was fearless, brave and was ready for what the future would bring her. I'd like to be like her someday, and I think that she will cause all of us, once read, to become like her too. Natasha Friend has created a great role model for any teenage girl, waiting for their problems to be solved, just like Josie's were.

  What a fantastic novel, go give it a try.

Withering Tights, by Louise Renninson

Title: Withering Tights
Author: Louise Renninson
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Release Date: July 18, 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: Hardcover Edition

   When I found out that this new series takes place in the world of Georgia Nicolson's cousin, Tallulah Casey, I was stoked to read this!
   From watching the film of the Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging, I knew that I'd love this series, coming from the quirky, fun Louise Renninson. So here I am, done with this one, and loving it!

   I really enjoyed this novel, thinking that I wouldn't, because I may have enough of the boarding school chick-lit novels, but I guess that I don't have enough! Renninson's humor has turned my world upside down, longing for more from this star-studded English author.

   Coming from the point of view of the zany Tallulah Casey, this novel is about her adventure in a Yorkshire art boarding school, where she meets some terrific friends and maybe some cute boys in between. Having to deal with the new troubles of acting, make that the whole concept of the arts, Tallulah has to find what she's really in for, before it figures itself out before she could.

  I enjoyed this book, I really did. Tallulah is one awesome girl, knowing what she wants and when she wants it. Her friends and the peers of the school were fun to read about, and finding what that they think of Ms. Casey herself.

  Fun, fun, fun! Fun is the only word that can describe my enjoyment!

Behind The Wooden Door, by Emily Godwin

Title: Behind The Wooden Door
Author: Emily Godwin
Rating: 4/5 stars
Release Date: March 30, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Format: ebook

   I found this awesome novel through Emily's sister, Nikki's blog. She mentioned her sister's novel (sisterly love these days, so special) and how amazing it was, so I knew that I had to check it out. So, here I am, obsessing over it!

  I'm usually not into historical fiction novels, with my past experiences with Seraphina, but this one, for some reason, just caused me to obsess and captivated me from the beginning, and will for you, too.

  Ahh, the plot. Emily has created such an astonishing world, one that will have readers wanting more, one that will have you stuck in even after you're finished with the novel! I read the too fast, way too fast, a good thing. I want more from Emily and her sister, what a family of fantastic authors.

  Lanie was one superb heroine. Coming from a family of royalty, you'd think that she would be a snobby princess looking for romance, but she wasn't! She causes everyone to swoon over her, something not all heroines have. I adore her and the charming men... Ohh Tristan! You cause me to get butterflies in my stomach and to just fangirl! 

   With many shocking surprises, breathtaking romance, and a racing plot, Emily Godwin has created one awesome novel, one that will have you drooling for more!



The Opposite of Tidy, by Carrie Mac

   Title: The Opposite of Tidy
   Author: Carrie Mac
   Rating: 4/5 stars
   Release Date: April 10, 2012
   Publisher: Razorbill
   Format: Paperback Edition

  Okay. So The Opposite of Tidy isn't how I thought it would be, it was the opposite. (Get it? Get it?)

In a way, this book was gross, just disgusting. This mother may be sick, but who'd really want to read about toilets overflowing and spilling out in the basement? I know I wouldn't, but sadly, I did.

Minus the "grossness," this novel would be pretty good. in my opinion. It could have been better, though. 

The plot was very intriguing, hoping that everything would work out. The show in the novel, I forgot what it was called, reminded me of a mix of The Ellen Show, Dr. Phil and Judge Judy, in a way. A helping out talk show where the main person goes out to seek for those troubled ones, it was kind of funny in a way.

The characters were another thing. Having a funny heroine, adding a gross mother, and a helpful talk show host, gives you The Opposite of Tidy, one hilarious novel.

Marked, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

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 Title: Marked
 Author (s): P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
 Rating: 2/5 stars
 Release Date: May 1, 2007
 Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
 Format: Hardcover Edition


 Okay, maybe not the worst. But it's a disaster, still.

  What the heck was Marked? A piece of paper from a garbage can in downtown NYC? Because when I read this, it's what it felt like it was.

  You got that right, Pony!

   I've heard many good things, and many bad things about this series, and after I read Vampire Academy, I felt that I should trust the good things, but now I know that I never should have.

  Marked felt as if someone's scratching their fingernails on the chalkboard, yes, that bad feeling. Or the feeling of styrofoam rubbing together, or the feeling of metal churning between your teeth, OKAY! You get what I mean.

  What a disaster! You'd think that with two authors this one would be really good, but it wasn't, NO. WAY.

   This plot was really bad, I wasn't hooked into it at all and I felt that I just skimmed through the whole story.

   As for the characters, they were even... Yes I mean even, the same discustingness. Psssttt.. I know that's not a word, forgive me for my grammar. Zoey, who could even remember her name, was a gross heroine, with no strength, and just blehness.

  I give this a two stars because of the use of vampires and its interesting plot, right in the beginning for 5 chapters. Then, it just mixes in with the bad, and becomes really, really bad. Ugh.. I can't even speak.

This Is What Happy Looks Like, by Jennifer E. Smith

  Title: This Is What Happy Looks Like
  Author: Jennifer E. Smith
  Rating: 3.5/5 stars
  Release Date:
  Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
  Format: Hardcover Edition


  Ehhh.. this is one expression of happiness. I guess there are thousands, huh?


I really, really enjoyed Smith's other novel, The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight. The humor, romance and characters were just heart-stopping. On the other note, this one was so heart-stopping, fangirling ( asdfghikl ). It was more of aehhh kind of novel.

First of all, what happened here? Did Smith fall off one of those boats or something? Because I don't want to be reading her novels if they just keep getting worse... Come on girl! You could do it!

Furthermore, I didn't like the plot. This was the main problem which made this rating even worse. It all started with the pig email. A pig? Seriously? Anywho, the emails got really interesting, and then poof! They stopped and the two actually met face-to-face, and fell in love, but then OH MY GOSH he's a actor how can we ever be together fiasco happens and then they break up, and then they realize that they can't be without each other and end up together and everyone's happy and the author makes money and then you get reviews like this, dissatisfied. 

Hehe... Sorry about the complaining-like structure here, but it's true, and if you read this, you may know it! Sometimes, I really dislike predictable novels. Ugh, they just ruin everything!

Ellie and Graham were pretty good heroes, likeable and perfect for each other, as you may say. But, to me, the plots are the most important things. They gotta be interesting, catchy, or else, the readers aren't interested, and would most likely, put them away. Honestly, this is how I kinda felt toward the middle, but I obviously wanted to know what would happen, right?

Am looking forward to reading the blackout novel Smith has in store, hopefully that one will be more like her first novel, unlike this one.

Eve, by Anna Carey

   Title: Eve
   Author: Anna Carey
   Rating: 4/5 stars
   Release Date: December 1, 2011
   Publisher: HarperCollins
   Format: Paperback Edition

I've been wanting to read Eve for a long time, make that a very long time. A friend of mine recommended to me, and I bought it right away, going gaga for a dystopian novel. So, here I am, done with it.

Eve was... typical. I thought that many dystopian novels base themselves on something like this, and books like this could be better, much better in fact. Running away, finding a place to hide, meeting a boy along the way, you get what I mean. Anna Carey could have done better with this novel, I know she could have because you can tell from her writing, she doesn't write like there's no chance. 

The main problem was the plot. I thought that it was average like I mentioned, and I also became a little snoozy. Maybe it was because I felt under the weather, or maybe because of the actual writing, I have no clue. But, that doesn't make me want to stop reading the rest of the novels. The series is very well described, from what I believe, and I think that it will end up to being a great series, one that I enjoyed very much. 

On the other hand, the characters. Eve, Caleb and everyone else were great, having that realistic spark in them, I felt everything that they felt and believe that they will grow stronger in the next two novels.

Call me crazy or not, this book was great, but could have been better. :)

Unravel Me, by Taherah Mafi

   Title: Unravel Me
   Author: Taherah Mafi
   Rating: 4.5/5 stars
   Release Date: February 5, 2013
   Publisher: HarperCollins
   Format: Paperback Edition

I can tell you this, Shatter Me was much better. Much. I mean, what has Taherah Mafi done here? Ruin the characters that I've been looking forward to be reading about? Or causing the plot to be unsatisfying slow? Because, that is what she has done to me, at least a little bit. 

Yes, it's true, no lies. 

Although I just gave you some bad images and a not-so positive comment right there, I mean it sincerely that I still love this trilogy, and I always will. No changes have been accomplished. None. 

This plot was racing and adventrous... in the beginning. What happened? Well, lets just say it, Adam screwed up. Mostly everything and my thoughts of him, everything went down the toilet. Why? Well, that's your secret to unravel, (get it? Unravel Me, unravel? Hahah) 

I learnt to love someone who has adored Juliette the moment he saw her, Warner. Mr. Warner is someone I had hated, someone who gives a very disgraceful reputation on themself, but someone who is caring and is willing to fight for the one he loves. Warner is the one. Charming, handsome even though I cannot see him, and willing, Warner is the one for me, and Juliette.

Okay, I had chosen to tell you how much I don't like Adam. He betrayed Juliette. He left her, telling her a huge secret after everyone else knows! He's SO stubborn, and doesn't know what he wants! On the other hand, Juliette is confident, selfless, independant, and just an amazing heroine, I don't know why that jerk wouldn't want Juliette the way she wants him. 

Juliette has grown a lot, and in this book especially, I feel that. She's an almost perfect character, and someone who film critics would go cheering for, because this series is awesome, minus the bad relationship drama. 

I will definitely read the next novel, hoping for more Warner and less Adam, or I might as well pick up Destroy Me.

Vanish, by Sophie Jordan

Thursday, 9 May 2013 0 comments

   Title: Vanish
   Author: Sophie Jordan
   Rating: 4.5/5 stars
   Release Date: September 6, 2011
   Publisher: HarperTeen
   Format: Paperback Edition.

  I adored Firelight, but this one, I thought that it was a teensy bit worse. Teensy bit, I said! Sophie Jordan is one superb author, lemme tell you! 

  Sorry I didn't post before, I'm under the weather/ :/ But here I am, because I feel that blogging is a commitment  and it's my passion! 

   Anywho, back to Vanish. This plot was very uhhh, what's the word, slow-paced in the beginning. Until finding Will, Jacinda sounds very down, and boring. I'm thinking, Jacinda, is that you? Then BOOM, he shows up, and then everything is back to normal, again. 

  This one was kind of dull, compared to Firelight. There wasn't a lot of action, and romance for a fact, most of it was just talking. Sophie Jordan could have done a little bit better than that, come on.

  Jacinda may have been boring in the beginning, but I know that I love being in her world and point of view. Cassian just makes me go mad. He thinks that he could just act like nothing happened, and love Jacinda as much as she hates him. Will wasn't that hot as in the first book, but he was pretty good!

  The characters were great, and the plot was slow-paced but enjoyable. You have to read this series if you\re looking for an unique series to read. Go pick up Firelight!


Gone, by Lisa McMann

Wednesday, 8 May 2013 1 comments

    Title: Gone
    Author: Lisa McMann
    Rating: 5/5 stars
    Release Date: February 9, 2010
    Publisher: Simon Pulse
    Format: Paperback Edition.

   Sadly, the Wake series is now over. I loved the mysteries and problems that Janie and her boyfriend, Cabel, had to solve, and the choices that they have to make for the right thing for their futures and each other. Lisa McMann is one awesome writer.

  To me, Gone is mostly about making the right choice and finding who you are. Janie has found some difficult things about herself, and she has to make the right choice for herself and Cabel's futures in order for them to be together somehow. 

   This plot was... captivating. McMann's endings are fabulous, but the thing is that I didn't want it to end, but as we can see, it did. I'm definitely getting McMann's other novels, ASAP!

   It's hard to say goodbye to the world of Janie's. She is one super heroine, thinking everything out before her actions, and knowing the right thing to do, even if it doesn't come right to her instantly. I'd call her a detective, because she solved that fiasco with the teachers, but I also believe that she seems real, very real in fact. She deserves an award for realism! (haha, me and my silliness)

  Anywho, you should definitely pick up this series, yes YOU. It's a perfect paranormal/romance/mystery series that will warm your heart.

   Thank you Marta! 


Fade, by Lisa McMann

Tuesday, 7 May 2013 0 comments

   Title: Fade
   Author: Lisa McMann
   Rating: 5/5 stars
   Release Date: February 10, 2009
   Publisher: Simon Pulse
   Format: Paperback Edition

   As much as I loved Wake, lemme tell you, this one was much better! In fact, it was astonishing! Lisa McMann is a fantastic author!

   We're back in the world of Wake, where everything is not what it seems. Disturbing things are happening in Fieldridge High, and Janie and Cabe have to solve the problem. Janie's dreams aren't the only problem in her life at the time. When she finds the truth about herself and her ability, it worsens it all. Janie has to choose what she wants for herself and her future, before it's too late.

      I'm not going to give any spoilers out, but I can definitely say that the ending for this one was unstoppable. I couldn't put the book down, until it was over. Gone is going to be phonomenal, I know it.

    Janie is one of my favourite heroines, ever. She's selfless, confident, and willing to help her loved ones and peers. Fieldridge High is one mysterious place, with mysterious students, huh?

    Oh Cabe... You are a hottie! Just look at his face up on the cover! I totally understand why Janie was so attracted to him, wowza!

   I could say that this story has some mystery in it too, that I love from time to time. Please read this one, it'll be worth it, I know you can trust me. :)

Wake, by Lisa McMann

Monday, 6 May 2013 0 comments

  Title: Wake
  Author: Lisa McMann
  Rating: 4.5/5 stars
  Release Date: March 4, 2008
  Publisher: Simon Pulse
  Format: Paperback Edition 

  Wake is not your average predictable novel. It was better...

  I really enjoyed McMann's Cryer's Cross, and when I received this trilogy as a gift, (you know who you are!) I was psyched to read it. Romance, action, paranormal in a way, this one has everything. 

  Okay. So, seventeen-year old Janie is used to the same thing; having dreams, but not only hers, everyone's whose around her. When she starts to guess that this isn't normal, a gruesome nightmare worsens it all, and chills her to the bone. Meeting a new guy, and finding the truth about herself is just the beginning, or is it the end? Read Wake to find out what happens!

   Sounds very captivating, doesn't it? I was hooked in from the first time I saw the cover, (hey. all bookworms judge the cover, it's what we do!) and from the summary. This book has it all!

  I couldn't put this one down. I. Was. Reading. Until. I. Could. Drop. Yes, exactly.

  This plot was amazing, the characters were fantastic, everything was perfect, except the sentence structure. Three words in a sentence? Come on, you could do better than that, Lisa! I also heard that she wrote this in a week, impressive, huh?

  Anyways. Wake is that book for you Fallen and any paranormal romance lovers, trust me, it'll be worth it!

  Will you be awake by when it's over? I was lucky! ;p

Fly On The Wall, by E. Lockhart

   Title: Fly On The Wall
   Author: E. Lockhart
   Rating: 4/5 stars
   Release Date: March 14, 2006
   Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
   Format: Paperback Edition

   This has been sitting in my bookshelf for a while now, and when I saw that John Green loved this book, I knew that I had to read it, NOW.

  I adored "The Boyfriend List" series by E. Lockhart, so I knew that I would also like this one as well. Who wouldn't? The plot sounds very captivating and girly at the same time.

 Okay, so as much as I love short novels, sometimes I think that they should be a little longer, and in this case, this is the main problem. I liked it a lot, and then, it just ended. Just like that.

  E. Lockhart is a fantastic author, she really is. Her plots are extraordinary, unique and always have a fun twist that makes readers craving for more, just like myself! In this novel, Gretchen's story was very unique. A girl who's an outsider, and then becomes a fly? Haha, you're killing me here. 

  Gretchen was a pretty good heroine. She knew what she wanted, and when she wanted it. Her personality can be found as superior and independant, just like she didn't need Katya, her best friend when she was keeping secrets from her at the same time as she was keeping something from her. Hey, they both had the same problem! I loved the fact that Gretchen was more of a nerd, I mean being obsessed with superheroes, comics and all of that. I once was obsessed with Archie Comics, which might seem hard to believe, but it's true! Comics aren't like novels, lemme tell you.

   Fly On The Wall is a perfect quick teen novel for those who want something good of their day. If John Green enjoyed this, and the legendary Michelle the bookworm, then you will too. :)

Aces Up, by Lauren Barnholdt

Sunday, 5 May 2013 0 comments

    Title: Aces Up
    Author: Lauren Barnholdt
    Rating: 5/5 stars
    Release Date: August 10, 2010
    Publisher: Ember
    Format: Paperback Edition

  I've read Lauren Barnholdt's other novel, "One Night That Changed Everything," and it was just an average book, but this one was much, much better! 

I had to order this one in, because I was so hooked into the plot! Girl saving money for college, by working at the world's largest casino, and playing poker? I likey!

Okay, just look at this stunning cover! I'm guessing Cole is at the front with Shannon? Hehe... This makes you think that this will be a super-fun novel, fast-paced and a great beach read. I was sohooked into it that I finished it in a hour!

Barnholdt really proved that she is a fantastic YA writer. I needmore of her books, because this one really surprised me, in a good way.

Shannon was an amazing heroine. She cares about her education, even when her family is losing the money for her tuition, she'd do anything to get into the college she wants to go to, and in this case, working at a casino and playing poker is the only way. At first, I loathed Mackenzie. She was bratty, but once she invited Shannon to go to a party, I loved her! Cole... I loved him, until you know what happened. And Max.. All the guys were hotties!

I adored this book, it's a perfect summer quick read that will leave you wanting more.