Vanish, by Sophie Jordan

Thursday, 9 May 2013

   Title: Vanish
   Author: Sophie Jordan
   Rating: 4.5/5 stars
   Release Date: September 6, 2011
   Publisher: HarperTeen
   Format: Paperback Edition.

  I adored Firelight, but this one, I thought that it was a teensy bit worse. Teensy bit, I said! Sophie Jordan is one superb author, lemme tell you! 

  Sorry I didn't post before, I'm under the weather/ :/ But here I am, because I feel that blogging is a commitment  and it's my passion! 

   Anywho, back to Vanish. This plot was very uhhh, what's the word, slow-paced in the beginning. Until finding Will, Jacinda sounds very down, and boring. I'm thinking, Jacinda, is that you? Then BOOM, he shows up, and then everything is back to normal, again. 

  This one was kind of dull, compared to Firelight. There wasn't a lot of action, and romance for a fact, most of it was just talking. Sophie Jordan could have done a little bit better than that, come on.

  Jacinda may have been boring in the beginning, but I know that I love being in her world and point of view. Cassian just makes me go mad. He thinks that he could just act like nothing happened, and love Jacinda as much as she hates him. Will wasn't that hot as in the first book, but he was pretty good!

  The characters were great, and the plot was slow-paced but enjoyable. You have to read this series if you\re looking for an unique series to read. Go pick up Firelight!


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