The Goddess Legacy, by Aimée Carter

Saturday, 4 May 2013

   Title: The Goddess Legacy
   Author: Aimée Carter 
   Rating: 3.5/5 stars
   Release Date: July 31, 2012
   Publisher: Harlequin Teen
   Format: ebook

    "In her he saw possibility. In her he saw the future. And when she was ready for it, he would be, too."

   The Goddess Legacy, a novella that's taken place in between the second and third book, is a novella that warms your heart with 5 different stories, taken in the point of view of 5 different characters, Calliope, Ava, Persephone, James, and Henry.

    In my opinion, I found myself adoring two people's stories most of all, Persephone's and Henry's. Their stories were fast-paced, great, and just fulfilling my expectations.

   The novella started off with Calliope's story. Marrying Zeus is a big challenge for her, and I felt everything that she felt throughout the story. Isn't it strange that Greek gods marry their siblings? ;)

    Next off was Ava's story, one of the worst, from my viewpoint. I found this one dull, and boring. To me, there was no point in this one. Carter should've taken it out, or made it better.

    Furthermore, the story went on with James' "journey." Okay, to me there was no journey in this one. I thought that this would be the best one, because James is my favourite male character in the trilogy, and I wanted to hear things from his point of view, which I shouldn't have. Boring, boring, boring! I felt as if I just skimmed through this story, I was bored through most of it. 

   Ending off Henry's story, I never got to hear his point of view on things. I understand why he was kinda grumpy in the second book, he had to go through many wives! He must've thought that Kate would choose to die, just like he lost his Persephone. He's not as good as James in character, but his story certainly is better. 

   The Goddess Legacy is a great novella, that is for fans who definitely want more from Carter, in characters. Great!

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