The Prince, by Kiera Cass

Saturday, 4 May 2013

   Title: The Prince
   Author: Kiera Cass
   Rating: 5/5 stars
   Release Date: March 5, 2013
   Publisher: HarperTeen
   Format: ebook

   Finally, I got the chance to hear things from the adorable, charming Prince Maxon! Taken place in the few days before The Selection, The Prince gave us about everything we wanted from Prince Maxon, finding out secrets that we never knew before.

  I love Prince Maxon, I really do. I especially adored him in The Elite, where he just made me feel butterflies in my stomach because of his charming sense. I wish that he was real!

   Sadly, this was about 60 pages. NOT ENOUGH! He is such an important character, and all we get is 60 pages? Come on, we can get better than that! I guess male characters don't have much to say...

  Finding about Maxon's past was interesting... very interesting. With a romance that we've never heard about, we can find out about his awkward, insecure sense in the first novel.

  This plot was very fast-paced, consisting of insecurity, and love. I was so happy to read what he thought of Amerixa when she first appeared, and how it was all a mistake.

  Amazing, superb, astonishing, I can drone on and on with synonyms for this one, but the main point is, pay your $2.99 for this novel, especially if you're on Team Maxon. :)

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