Fade, by Lisa McMann

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

   Title: Fade
   Author: Lisa McMann
   Rating: 5/5 stars
   Release Date: February 10, 2009
   Publisher: Simon Pulse
   Format: Paperback Edition

   As much as I loved Wake, lemme tell you, this one was much better! In fact, it was astonishing! Lisa McMann is a fantastic author!

   We're back in the world of Wake, where everything is not what it seems. Disturbing things are happening in Fieldridge High, and Janie and Cabe have to solve the problem. Janie's dreams aren't the only problem in her life at the time. When she finds the truth about herself and her ability, it worsens it all. Janie has to choose what she wants for herself and her future, before it's too late.

      I'm not going to give any spoilers out, but I can definitely say that the ending for this one was unstoppable. I couldn't put the book down, until it was over. Gone is going to be phonomenal, I know it.

    Janie is one of my favourite heroines, ever. She's selfless, confident, and willing to help her loved ones and peers. Fieldridge High is one mysterious place, with mysterious students, huh?

    Oh Cabe... You are a hottie! Just look at his face up on the cover! I totally understand why Janie was so attracted to him, wowza!

   I could say that this story has some mystery in it too, that I love from time to time. Please read this one, it'll be worth it, I know you can trust me. :)

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