Eve, by Anna Carey

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

   Title: Eve
   Author: Anna Carey
   Rating: 4/5 stars
   Release Date: December 1, 2011
   Publisher: HarperCollins
   Format: Paperback Edition

  I've been wanting to read Eve for a long time, make that a very long time. A friend of mine recommended to me, and I bought it right away, going gaga for a dystopian novel. So, here I am, done with it.

Eve was... typical. I thought that many dystopian novels base themselves on something like this, and books like this could be better, much better in fact. Running away, finding a place to hide, meeting a boy along the way, you get what I mean. Anna Carey could have done better with this novel, I know she could have because you can tell from her writing, she doesn't write like there's no chance. 

The main problem was the plot. I thought that it was average like I mentioned, and I also became a little snoozy. Maybe it was because I felt under the weather, or maybe because of the actual writing, I have no clue. But, that doesn't make me want to stop reading the rest of the novels. The series is very well described, from what I believe, and I think that it will end up to being a great series, one that I enjoyed very much. 

On the other hand, the characters. Eve, Caleb and everyone else were great, having that realistic spark in them, I felt everything that they felt and believe that they will grow stronger in the next two novels.

Call me crazy or not, this book was great, but could have been better. :)

  Thanks, Jen, you totally understand!

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