Marked, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


 Title: Marked
 Author (s): P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
 Rating: 2/5 stars
 Release Date: May 1, 2007
 Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
 Format: Hardcover Edition


 Okay, maybe not the worst. But it's a disaster, still.

  What the heck was Marked? A piece of paper from a garbage can in downtown NYC? Because when I read this, it's what it felt like it was.

  You got that right, Pony!

   I've heard many good things, and many bad things about this series, and after I read Vampire Academy, I felt that I should trust the good things, but now I know that I never should have.

  Marked felt as if someone's scratching their fingernails on the chalkboard, yes, that bad feeling. Or the feeling of styrofoam rubbing together, or the feeling of metal churning between your teeth, OKAY! You get what I mean.

  What a disaster! You'd think that with two authors this one would be really good, but it wasn't, NO. WAY.

   This plot was really bad, I wasn't hooked into it at all and I felt that I just skimmed through the whole story.

   As for the characters, they were even... Yes I mean even, the same discustingness. Psssttt.. I know that's not a word, forgive me for my grammar. Zoey, who could even remember her name, was a gross heroine, with no strength, and just blehness.

  I give this a two stars because of the use of vampires and its interesting plot, right in the beginning for 5 chapters. Then, it just mixes in with the bad, and becomes really, really bad. Ugh.. I can't even speak.

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