Unravel Me, by Taherah Mafi

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

   Title: Unravel Me
   Author: Taherah Mafi
   Rating: 4.5/5 stars
   Release Date: February 5, 2013
   Publisher: HarperCollins
   Format: Paperback Edition

I can tell you this, Shatter Me was much better. Much. I mean, what has Taherah Mafi done here? Ruin the characters that I've been looking forward to be reading about? Or causing the plot to be unsatisfying slow? Because, that is what she has done to me, at least a little bit. 

Yes, it's true, no lies. 

Although I just gave you some bad images and a not-so positive comment right there, I mean it sincerely that I still love this trilogy, and I always will. No changes have been accomplished. None. 

This plot was racing and adventrous... in the beginning. What happened? Well, lets just say it, Adam screwed up. Mostly everything and my thoughts of him, everything went down the toilet. Why? Well, that's your secret to unravel, (get it? Unravel Me, unravel? Hahah) 

I learnt to love someone who has adored Juliette the moment he saw her, Warner. Mr. Warner is someone I had hated, someone who gives a very disgraceful reputation on themself, but someone who is caring and is willing to fight for the one he loves. Warner is the one. Charming, handsome even though I cannot see him, and willing, Warner is the one for me, and Juliette.

Okay, I had chosen to tell you how much I don't like Adam. He betrayed Juliette. He left her, telling her a huge secret after everyone else knows! He's SO stubborn, and doesn't know what he wants! On the other hand, Juliette is confident, selfless, independant, and just an amazing heroine, I don't know why that jerk wouldn't want Juliette the way she wants him. 

Juliette has grown a lot, and in this book especially, I feel that. She's an almost perfect character, and someone who film critics would go cheering for, because this series is awesome, minus the bad relationship drama. 

I will definitely read the next novel, hoping for more Warner and less Adam, or I might as well pick up Destroy Me.

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