A-Z Challenge Reflection Post

Saturday, 4 May 2013
Wow... What a fun April!

The A-Z Challenge was definitely something I looked forward to every, single day of the whole month of April. Achieving it gave me confidence in blogging, and much more.

I started as an anonymous book blogger, who was an amateur in blogging and reviewing. I didn't know how to have fun with blogging, and how to get people to comment and view my page.

Next stop came this challenge. I was on my way of reviewing slowly, adding short posts of what I'm currently reading. My fellow good friend/author, Marta Szemik, told me about this challenge, when I asked questions about how to get many views. I was very inspired, so I decided to look at the website. I found myself hooked in, so I signed up for this, and voila! Here I am!

April 1st. I decided that this might change my look of blogging, so I wrote my long first post, on Alice In Zombieland, and I found 13 comments, and many views waiting for me a few hours later! The A-Z Challenge definitely helps you get feedback, and many views from bloggers doing the same thing as yourself.

I continued for the next 25 posts, sharing my insight on novels that I've read, or going to read. I met many bookworm bloggers, like myself, and we shared our opinions on things and had a blast. I felt as if this month flew by too fast, I had way too much fun!

 Of course, there were some ups and downs. I learnt that you need to follow all of the rules that the A-Z Team told us to do right before we signed up for the challenge, such as commenting from 5+ people each day, or sharing your insight on people's posts. Some days, I felt as if I should've quitted, but I thought that if I didn't, how my life would change forever, with my confidence. I learnt that for the challenge, you should never quit.

A few times, I didn't comment on anyone's posts, because of my hectic schoolwork, and that showed a difference. If you don't comment on anyone's posts, no one will comment on yours. 

I had made so many memories with this challenge, that inspired me to do it again next year! How can I not? The A-Z Team is awesome, putting their hard work with all of their helpful posts, and giving suggestions to fellow bloggers. I love doing this challenge, and I can't wait to do it again!

So, I hope after reading this post, you will decide to do the challenge next year, and will give a likeable reflection just like I did, because you will adore doing this, it gives you something to look forward to. Thank you A-Z Team, and Marta, for telling me about this. 

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  1. Congratulations on the completion of the Challenge and the great Reflection Post.



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