Aces Up, by Lauren Barnholdt

Sunday, 5 May 2013

    Title: Aces Up
    Author: Lauren Barnholdt
    Rating: 5/5 stars
    Release Date: August 10, 2010
    Publisher: Ember
    Format: Paperback Edition

  I've read Lauren Barnholdt's other novel, "One Night That Changed Everything," and it was just an average book, but this one was much, much better! 

I had to order this one in, because I was so hooked into the plot! Girl saving money for college, by working at the world's largest casino, and playing poker? I likey!

Okay, just look at this stunning cover! I'm guessing Cole is at the front with Shannon? Hehe... This makes you think that this will be a super-fun novel, fast-paced and a great beach read. I was sohooked into it that I finished it in a hour!

Barnholdt really proved that she is a fantastic YA writer. I needmore of her books, because this one really surprised me, in a good way.

Shannon was an amazing heroine. She cares about her education, even when her family is losing the money for her tuition, she'd do anything to get into the college she wants to go to, and in this case, working at a casino and playing poker is the only way. At first, I loathed Mackenzie. She was bratty, but once she invited Shannon to go to a party, I loved her! Cole... I loved him, until you know what happened. And Max.. All the guys were hotties!

I adored this book, it's a perfect summer quick read that will leave you wanting more.

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