Chasing Forever Down, by Nikki Godwin

Saturday, 4 May 2013

    Title: Chasing Forever Down
    Author: Nikki Godwin
    Rating: 4/5 stars
    Release Date: March 28, 2013
    Publisher: Createspace
    Format: ebook

   I met Nikki through the A-Z Challenge, when she commented on my The Outsiders post. I decided to check her blog out, and I found out that she was a YA author, and just released a new novel, about teens, hot guys, and surfing! I was definitely hooked in, and I decided to give it a try, which was definitely worth it!

   Chasing Forever Down was a fantastic novel. I was hooked in from the fast-paced beginning, until the end! This is the type of book that you keep telling yourself one more chapter, and then you realize that you're done the book! 

   When Haley meets a mysterious stranger who seems to catch her eye, she decides to go seek for him. Bringing her on a road trip with her best friend, she ends up in sunny California, where everything is about surfing. She finds herself meeting many cute guys, and almost forgets that reason that she's there. 

   Haley was a marvelous heroine. She knows what she wants, and won't stop until she gets it, but may forget what she wants, until the end. On that unforgettable trip, she found who she is and what she wants herself to be, and in this case, *SPOILER* She finds herself wanting to go to college in California, because of her new, awesome friends, who she'll never leave behind.*


   Topher, A.J, Vin, Miles, Reed, Linzi, and the rest of the characters, who seemed real to me, where fantastic. I loved Topher and Reed the most, lemme tell you. I felt the whole meaning of them, and I wanted Haley to be with one of them, at least, and I'm not going to tell you what happens, I guess you'll have to figure that out yourself.

An unstoppable, beach read that will hook you in from the beginning until the end, Chasing Forever Down was great!

  Oh, and Nikki? I understand why Topher is your favourite character, because he is mine, too. 


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  1. Michelle,

    I'm SO glad you enjoyed this book! I was super excited reading your review on Goodreads and now seeing it here! I'm definitely glad we found each other through A - Z. :)



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