Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson

Monday, 24 June 2013

Title: Speak
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Rating: 5/5 stars
Release Date: April 1, 2001
Publisher: Puffin
Format: Paperback Edition
Age Group: 13+

Many bookworms I have encountered with have raved about Speak, the novel that is known for changing everyone's point of view on life. And from here on out, I am one of those bookworms included in the group, because I adored this novel, and I definitely believe that you will too.

So, how did Laurie Halse Anderson get this idea to create such a phenomenal novel? One word, dreams. Yes, I'm not kidding. Apparently, she heard Melinda's cries, and voila, this book is born. This plot was phenomenal. The world that Melinda lived in was selfless, and unbelievably cruel. How could this happen to people these days? It's something that we should try to prevent, we shouldn't be the perpetrators, we have to be the ones fighting against the problems. Ahh, this book was like a breath of fresh air for me, it teaches all of us to stand against, not within.

I guess that this next paragraph will be about Melinda, because she was an incredible heroine. Melinda was something. Although in the outside world Melinda may seem mute, and speechless, but you know what? She can say more than any of the other characters could say together. Melinda is the girl. Of course after the incident, it's difficult to say what's on your mind, I totally understand that, but nobody should give her a hard time, they don't even know the truth, they all thought that Melinda called the cops because she wanted to stop the party, who would do that, just leave if you can't stand it. I will remember Melinda forever, she's the character who taught me and many of us to speak what's on our minds, just like the title represents.

David is also another character that I really felt a connection to. He was like Melinda, in one way or another, except for the fact that he actually spoke what was on his mind, and look what he accomplished, more than what he thought. Mr. Neck was destined to leave. :) Mr. Freedman is the teacher that I wish I had, he's the type that you could explain all of your problems to, and he'd just listen. What amazing characters...

So, you probably see why I loved this book so much, it changed my life, and Melinda's life as well. Look at where she probably is now, in a happy, safe, comfortable environment where no one will pick on her for what they think happened, when they really didn't know the truth.

Guess what? I also watched the movie! Kristen Stewart played a great Melinda, but maybe not the actress I had in mind? This Melinda probably was way too mute, but the cast did an incredible job on this movie, it was very much like the novel itself.

Amazing. That's all I have to say.

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