The Program, by Suzanne Young

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Title: The Program
Author: Suzanne Young
Rating: 5 million/5 stars
Release Date: April 30, 2013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Format: ebook
Age Group: 13+ (just because that's the age when teens are admitted into the Program in the novel)

   I wanted this book from when I saw the cover, who can't resist two people who look madly in love wearing yellow jumpsuits?

    This guy definitely understands what I was going through!

     The Program changed my point of view on life, I'm serious. But, I'll get to my crying/blabbing later. First, let me tell you how much I am obsessed with this book now. I LOVED IT, IT'S TOO GOOD FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!

      I can't believe it that it was that good, it met my expectations and more, providing me, myself, and I further obsessive symptoms than from where I started. 

      I loved how this was divided into three parts, Uncomfortably Numb, The Program, and I Wish You Weren't Here. Every part's words focused on the title, and just made sense, if you know what I mean.

     This plot was perfection, I know I say that for most of my five star rating novels' reviews, but it's the truth, otherwise it wouldn't be a five star book in my opinion. The flashbacks and memories that Sloane brought back for us warmed my heart, seriously. I wanted to live in this world forever, even though it became tragic and very depressing for me at times, and that's most of it, hehe.

     I'd really reccommend not reading this novel if you don't want to bawl up crying for most of it. When the big thing happened, ohh you'd know what I'm talking about when you read it, I wanted the curl up and forget about the world, and just sit there, patting Sloane's back. 

    This book will give you the CAPTIVATED ANGRY DISEASE, with contagious symptoms of:

-furious sections of crying
-an unability to speak to anyone for a few hours
-an unability to think about anything else other than the novel for a few hours or days
-an agony for the next novel

*This novel may cause less or more symptoms, depending on the person.*

    Ohh, I got that disease, trust me. 

    The characters. Gosh, I loved every single one of them! 

    Sloane now happens to be one of my favourite rebellious heroines, ever. She's so confident, rebellious, independent, and a girl that you are going to have a girl crush on, seriously. ;) I loved being in the point of view of Sloane's, she's one girl who's best friend I'd want to be. 

   Gosh, then we have James... This is where I start to fangirl, because I love him that much.

  Stay back, Benedict Cumberbatch, he's mine!
   James is different than most heroes in novels. He's sexy, loving, and would do anything for Sloane, that's the type of guy I adore. When Sloane described her memories of him, I just wanted to be part of it, with him, because I feel that I connect to him, for some reason.


  Then we have what I call the extras, Miller, Lacey, the parents, the doctors, Roger (whom I thought we'd get more insight on) and of course, Realm, who I liked, but not as much as James, the hottie. These characters of course made the book better than it would be without them.

   So, this book definitely changed my point of view on life. It taught me that you have to care for your loved ones, because one day, you'll never know what may happen. Sloane is that girl who showed me this insight and who I will remember for, forever because of her advice and words of life.

   I can't wait to read The Treatment, which is going to be juicy. I totally see Sloane (what a perfect name) and James being rebels, and fighting against The Program.

   Oh my god, this is one book to remember.

   Whoa, is this my longest review?


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