Hosting Two Blogs: Is it Really That Difficult?

Thursday, 31 March 2016

As you all are reading this post, I am sitting in a stench-filled classroom writing a provincial required literacy test. Yuck. We tenth graders in Ontario need to write (and pass) the test in order to graduate high school. All of the juniors and seniors are saying that we shouldn't study or even try hard on the test... but I'm an overachiever. Anyways. 

I HAVE NEWS. I am proud to announce that I have opened a new blog! Readers of my one and beloved Thousand Lives Lived, I have to say goodbye. BYE SO LONG! 


I'm kidding. April Fools is tomorrow so I'm kind of in the mood to scare you all! *peeks around* Not like I have any readers anyways. *sad face* I KNOW YOU ALL ARE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE. A Thousand Lives Lived is here to stay, at least for a little while!

Key to Book City is my new blog, on Wordpress' platform, and it's a project that I have been committed to for the longest time. It's just... I never had the time to make it happen. I thought about the idea of opening the glorious thing one hot sunny summer afternoon where I realized how I wanted my blog (one day) to compare to that of Nose Graze or Paper Fury, for example.


  • I would like publicity
  • I would like to go/feel professional with my own domain, plugins, coding experience...
  • I prefer Wordpress' formatting experience
  • I feel experienced. I want to save money to go Premium!

There's a thousand reasons why I wanted this to happen. After months of preparations of reviews, themes, ideas and hopes, I opened the blog on Monday. I hope to have it really going by BEA on May 11! For now, the experience is magical.

I co-blogged for some time on a fabulous site, but things got out of hand for me when I couldn't commit to it. I had begun high school, and everything seemed very overwhelming. Now, because of the IB program that I'm in, time management is key and I have gotten it. It will take some work, but it's manageable. It honestly just depends on how much time you have. I know some bloggers who blog on three sites, one including their own. It's amazing!

As for A Thousand Lives Lived, you might be wondering what kinds of posts and things happening you should expect:

  • Comments on your blogs (YES, I'm going to be social!)
  • Monthly recap posts coming back again
  • Cool discussion posts
  • A guest post from a friend of mine? (I haven't asked anyone yet.)
  • Stacking the Shelves
  • Twitter interactions with y'all
  • Chicago (BEA) prep

How do you manage your blog(s)? If you are on more than one blog, is it difficult at times?


I love comments, I always read them, they always make my day and help me improve my posts. Thank you!