Fever by Lauren DeStefano

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Finally! After The Raven Boys, this one lit me up, once again! Wither was great, as well, and this one was even better! 
Plot: Perfection! After Rhine and Gabriel run away from Linden's home, they need to get to Manhattan, to find Rhine's twin brother. Gabriel decides to take a boat to a mysterious place. They end up in a carnival, where a certain lady takes them for hostage. As they try to get out, Gabriel catches a virus and gets beaten up. As they make a plan, they meet new people and finally get a chance to get out. They find a delivery truck that may be going to Pennsylvania, and hop in. Rhine and Gabriel may finally get the chance to have their happily ever after.. or not?

Characters: Lets make this simple. Rhine, Maddie, Liliac, Claire, I like. Gabriel, Madame, Silas, I don't like. But you fans may say, How can you not like Gabriel? I respond, he's predictable and stubborn. When Rhine said that they shouldn't take the boat to what was the carnival, Gabriel insisted, and look what they ended up with. Stubborn much, dude?

Love: There wasn't that much romance here! Hopefully in Sever, there will be! 


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