Legend / Marie Lu

Saturday, 30 March 2013
    Hey, again. My next read was Legend, by Marie Lu!

Marie Lu's world of the Republic is stunning. Everything is so descriptive, that I feel that I'm in it. June and Day's point of view brings their fans to a high expectation of them falling in love and solving the mystery at the same time.
First of all to say, I adored this book. It made me think for hours after, what will happen next? And how, the characters connected to me. I felt everything they felt, and this book inspired me to never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, I never really like those war, criminal type of books, and I knew, by the cover, that this one will be one too, but I loved it. June's character was the strongest, with her smart thoughts and predictions, and Day fit right into her. They're a match. Second of all, I'm so reading the next book. No comment after this. :p

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