A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa Rasso

Sunday, 31 March 2013
A Shimmer of Angels was a fantastic, extraordinary book from Month9Books. I adored it! Every single page i turned, I kept being pushed and grabbed into Reyna's world, full of angels, and maybe a few murders in between.

Plot: The plot was something I can hardly explain. It was thrilling, romantic, mysterious and everything in between! Rayna truly showed her true side of things with hearing her thoughts and living her "hallucinations". As I read the first page, I immediately was pulled into the story. Angels are a subject that I like to think of different, because each angelic book is unqiue, some with fallen angels, heavenly angels, but this one, made me feel that it had everything that a stunning book needs. Everything.

Characters: Rayna, Cam, and everyone else made me smile, inside and out. Their thoughts and words were inspirtation to me, and I know that it will be to anyone else. 

Love: The romance here was perfect. The love triangle made me even more anxious, wondering whose side Rayna will be on. As we can see, she loves them both. I would too. <3 

Overall: Please, please, please, I'm begging you all to read this book. It's amazing, and thank you Month9Books for publishing it, and for Lisa Rasso for writing it. My world would be lost. 5/5 star rating


  1. A wonderful review that has convinced me to try something new- thank you for sharing!

  2. Just stopping by from the a-z blog challenge, it looks like you do A LOT of reading. Have gun with the challenge :)

    1. Haha, yes I do, reading is my passion. :) Thanks for commenting!


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