Starcrossed by Joesphine Angelini

Sunday, 31 March 2013
  My next read was Starcrossed, chosen by my Instagram bookworms!

Starcrossed... what an interesting name. And, what an interesting book!

Starcrossed was in my shelf for a long time, but when I decided to let my Instagram followers choose my next read, 1 of the four reads that they could choose from was Starcrossed, and it won witht two votes. My followers kept anticipating about how great this book was, and I believed them.
What I thought, was that this one was pretty good. Not my favourite, but enjoyable. Helen was kind of a weak character, with her insecurities, but doesn't everyone have them? Lucas was a hottie, with his charming attitude, pulling every girl reader into him. I was surprised with how much description Joesphine added into this, and her passion for writing. 
The concept was very unique, but reminded me of two books I've read, Fury and The Godess Test. With its charm, plot, and male characters, Starcrossed was a great read. -Michelle

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