Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare Review

Saturday, 23 March 2013
Clockwork Princess. Was. Amazing. I'm. Freaking. Out.

Angel, Prince, Princess, this series has a special place in my heart. It's no joke to me, I wish that this one would never end. I usually am ready when other series end, but this one, I don't want to let go. :( 

Plot: The plot was perfect. The love triangle continues, and I loved every word of it. I was so happy when WIll became Jem's patabai! Two best friends, fighting for the same woman, that's what I like! Charlotte made a great improvement in this one, I usually couldn't stand her wittiness, but her becoming pregnant, and her caring for Jem, she improved in my eyes. This was action-packed, sad, witty but made me shiver in joy all in between!

Characters: Of course, the characters were all perfection. Will made my heart ache, when he ached for Tessa, and Jem made me cry as he was dying. I knew what Tessa wanted, to be with both, and hey, she did. I was shockingly happy when Jem didn't die, but when Tessa explains in the epilogue, how Will died, I started to ball. How could my hubby, my favourite male character in all books, die? I loved him, and he only died at 76! Cecily, Gabriel, Gideon, Sophie and Charlotte totally improved in my eyes, and I felt their emotions at the same time as I did. 

(SPOILER) Love Triangle: It was phenomenal. How could Cassie Clare get all of these pickup lines? I wished that it was me who Will gave the letter to, or who Will told that he loved. I would have gladly accepted, right away, and we'd run into the ever after, forever! Yes, that's my story. The only thing that ruined it for me, was that I read the family tree on the back of the cover while I was reading it! It ruined everything when I saw William Herondale and Tessa Grey together, just as I hoped, and I kept wondering, Jem didn't die? Poor thing!

Ending: The ending was the best, just as I expected it to be. Will and Tessa together, but they separate, sadly, but at least she gets Jem after, right? When I read that Tessa was in City Of Glass, I'm like what, isn't she dead by now? But, when Tessa did what Will wanted her to do, I felt the happiness in my heart. 

Overall: I don't want to let The Infernal Devices go. How? Hopefully, those wonderful people in Hollywood would finally decide that maybe it's time for a movie? I'll be the first one in line, absolutely. PLEASE, CASSANDRA CLARE, MAKE THE DARK ARTIFICES AS AMAZING AS THIS SERIES! IT'S AMAZING!

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