My Letter to Books: Favourite Edition

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Recently, I’ve been finding myself unable to read often because of schoolwork. It’s extremely difficult balancing a good, healthy and normal lifestyle with schoolwork and continuing to do the things you love. I have given up some hobbies that I used to conduct everyday, like playing the guitar or writing short stories because of the program that I am in, and in some ways, I don’t regret it because it’s all worth it. Though, books are my life and so is blogging… so here is a letter to my favourite books, because I know that I had not forgotten about them at all.

Dear Favourites,

Like a teacher never wants to pick their favourite students out of the class (at least, they don’t admit that they have favourites somewhere deep inside of them), they do have some, and they show it. I have a couple favourites, and if you are receiving this special letter, I am proud to admit that you are one of them. Yes, you: Throne of Glass, The Selection, The Fault In Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, The Outsiders, Divergent, Falling Kingdoms, Catching Jordan, The Host, Eleanor and Park, Delirium, Before I Fall, The Hunger Games, Tiger’s Curse, Everything, Everything, Nightfall, Liars, Inc., All the Bright Things, Second Chance Summer and The Summer I Turned Pretty. You guys are the special ones. And I’m pretty sure that even though I have 326 so-called “favourites” on my Goodreads shelf at the moment, you are the special ones. 

I am a liar, okay? I pretend that some of your other friends are my favourites and then I just forgot about them. I actually remembered you guys from the top of my head and you are my true friends.

So because it is American Thanksgiving right now, and most of your authors are American, let me tell you why I am thankful and grateful for you all. You books are special—have made me feel different, extremely happy and joyful, more than ever before. With some of you, I have cried, bawled and my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. (Sorry to put that in your head). Your words are lyrical, clever and have a meaning to them that is just so difficult to comprehend and write them out. I spend my nights thinking about you all when I need a break from life and just want to desire more, more sequels of course. Tell your authors that they need to give me more, ASAP. 

I keep saying the word “I,” because I (hey, I did it again) just need more. Yes, with you guys, I could be selfish because the luscious hardcovers that are in my bookshelf  and you’re all mine. *raises eyebrows* 

I love you, and I'm sorry that I've never re-read one of you before, except for THG. Thank you, my loves and your wonderful authors. Schoolwork is getting me to suffer, but it's okay, I'll make time for you. 

Happy Thanksgiving, viewers! I wish that I could have some turkey... sadly my turn was in October. 


  1. Haha my turkey was in October too... Canadian problems lol! Great post! The Harry Potter series and Tfios are books that I am very thankful for!

    1. LOL! Thanks Emily! :D Yes, of course TFIOS! I just went through a discussion with some friends about Harry Potter... apparently I'm really weird for not reading it. Heh.


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