Angel Fire, by L.A. Weatherly

Monday, 6 January 2014

Angel Fire (Angel #2), by L.A. Weatherly

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Angels

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Rating: 2/5 stars

Goodreads Summary: "In Book Two of L. A. Weatherly’s wildly romantic, action-packed trilogy, the angels are back with a vengeance . . . and they don’t have heaven in mind. 

In the wake of the Second Wave, the angel menace has exploded, and Alex and Willow are on the lam. Willow’s prophetic dream points them to Mexico City, where they connect with a fledgling group of angel killers led by the exotically beautiful Kara, an Angel Killer from Alex’s past. But the team remains suspicious of Willow, even after the more-experienced Alex takes over as leader, training them hard for a rush attack on the Seraphic Council, or “The Twelve.” This elite group of all-powerful angels is also under the scrutiny of Willow’s angel-father, Raziel, who has his own sinister plan to defeat them. 

What Willow hasn’t told Alex is that there was also a mysterious boy in her dream, one she felt overpoweringly attracted to. When brooding, gorgeous Seb shows up in the flesh, he turns out to be another—possibly the world’s only other—half angel. He’s been searching for Willow all his life, and when Alex enlists this rival to help keep Willow safe, he can’t predict what chemistry will pass between them . . . or how far Willow might go to keep Alex safe. Will their love endure or spell doomsday for the human race?"


  • What happened here? I was really looking forward for awesomeness with this novel, but it ended up being disappointing and I definitely don't recommend it. If you read this novel and liked it, please simply just get out, because you will go against this :D if you agree with me, then lets begin!
  • First problem- the pace. In the first book, everything happened really quickly and I really liked it. In this one, it was super slow, and there was 200-300 pages of worthless writing. The author overdid it in places that didn't need improvement. It was way too long and I don't know how my attention span stayed up that long with 700 pages of confusion.
  • Next- the plot and events. There were moments when I got so bored with this, I wanted to end the night and go sleep at an early hour rather than reading this. I really liked L.A. Weatherly's writing style in the first novel, but this one seemed rather boring and very unlikely in making me interested in reading the sequel.
  • A LOVE TRIANGLE? SERIOUSLY? Everything was perfect the way it was, and L.A. Weatherly had to add in another male character to spice up the mix, NO. It just didn't work. I hated Seb and I found that Willow fell too easily for him, even though it took a while. Before you knew it, she would go ride on a pony with him into the sunset. It was so cliche and cheesy, chiquita, seriously?
  • I would strongly not recommend you to pick up the last book in the series because I know that I sure will not, what's the point? More cheesiness and uninteresting events? No thank you.

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