Tumble & Fall, by Alexandra Coutts

Friday, 3 January 2014

Tumble & Fall, by Alexandra Coutts

Genre: Young Adult Fiction. Contemporary (make a note of that)

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Goodreads Summary: "The world is living in the shadow of oncoming disaster. An asteroid is set to strike the earth in just one week’s time; catastrophe is unavoidable. The question isn’t how to save the world—the question is, what to do with the time that's left? Against this stark backdrop, three island teens wrestle with intertwining stories of love, friendship and family—all with the ultimate stakes at hand. 

Alexandra Coutts's TUMBLE & FALL is a powerful story of courage, love, and hope at the end of the world." 

I guess that I have to trust my fellow bookworms, the reviewers. There were so many bad reviews about this one, and the Goodreads Average Rating is really low itself, but I've read Alexandra Coutts's other books, and I really adored them, so I thought that I'd end up adoring this one, too. 

Other reviewers have mentioned this too- this is not an apocalyptic novel, not even one bit. It's a contemporary novel disguised as one. I picked this one up mainly because I was looking for an apocalyptic dystopian novel about meteors and a lot of information about the meteor and what the planet was going to do once it arrived and the effects of it. In this one, we learned a little about Persephone and how scientists have been tracking her for decades. The characters in this novel didn't even seem to care that a meteor was coming quick, and had the possibility of destroying the planet and leaving it ruined. Their lives could end in a week, and nobody even cared. This book was just about the characters' problems, including battling suicide, and having love life problems. This was nothing like what I expected- and what I wanted the story to become. I was totally shocked, and disappointed. What happened here?

I thought that I couldn't trust the reviewers, sorry guys but I definitely should have. I've learned that just because one author did amazing on writing a book on a specific concept doesn't mean that another book of another concept of the same author will be the same or even better. 

I didn't like the characters, at least not very much. Sienna and Zan were annoying and they seemed kind of whiny in my opinion. The dilemmas and problems that they had weren't too bad, but I felt that the book shouldn't have been all about their own personal problems, wasn't everything about the meteor? I felt that the author just added in the meteor thing to make it more interesting. 

Everyone, if you see that a lot of people think that the book wasn't good, don't read it. You have to trust the reviews, and trust me on this one.

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