The Year I Turned Sixteen, by Diane Schwemm

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Year I Turned Sixteen (The Year I Turned Sixteen #1-4), by Diane Schwemm

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Chick-lit

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Rating: 5/5 stars

First Line: "Sometimes I wish I didn't live in a small town."

Goodreads Summary: "Turning sixteen is an unforgettable milestone, and each of these four sisters has her own story to tell. Rose, the oldest, feels like she has the most responsibility when her father dies, and yearns to be true to herself. Daisy wants to break free from her family, but trouble arises when she falls for a bad boy. Laurel struggles with the loss of a close relative and finds herself drawn to a boy who may actually understand. And Lily, the youngest sister, feels like nothing could be more difficult than actually being herself. These four books in one special bind-up make for a great value; and an even better read."


  • Never in a million years I would think that I would adore this book as much as I did. It's been sitting in my bookshelf for years, and I never picked it up before. Why did I wait so many years? It was perfection.
  • It was full of cliffhangers, romance and fun. I cried, I laughed and it made me feel all warm inside. The author's words caused the reader to think more about life, and I couldn't have asked for it to be even better.
  • This was the perfect teen summer read by the beach or even at home. I needed a chick-lit/contemporary book, and this one got me right in the mood for more. Too bad there weren't any more sisters, I'd read more from Diane Schwemm any day at anytime!
  • Rose's story was very girly and fun. From her personality, you could tell that she was the eldest sister and by far the most calm. Seeing her grow up in the later stories just made me want to tear up, things became so unexpected for her and I was happy for her, even though this is all fiction.
  • I think that Daisy was the best character. Even though she was a rebel at times, I loved to see her change, from being the goody-two shoes to the hardcore piss-off rebel. <3
  • Laurel's story was by far the best, even though I didn't like her character at times. I felt that she was too weak and couldn't take so much all at once.
  • Lily was exactly like me. I could relate to her so much, I felt everything that she said. She was a writer, like me, and a wallflower, also like myself. She liked to be alone and away from reality sometimes.
  • From the best stories to the worst- Laurel, Lily, Rose, Daisy. And from the best characters to the worst- Daisy, Lily, Rose, Laurel.
  • Gorgeous and captivating, girls, go on and grab this goodie!

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