Anime Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Friday, 24 January 2014

      Hey fellow okatus and bookworms! I've never done this before in my whole history of reviewing and blogging- anime reviewing.

     I've never watched anime before since a few weeks ago, but I'm now obsessed, thanks to my best friend. She's been watching anime for many years, and I've recently got into it now, and it's basically part of my life now- right next to reading. This is the first anime that I've watched, and it changed the way I see life, I'll explain below.

      This anime is called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's basically about this girl named Madoka. (She's the girl with the pink hair and dress above) Madoka and her friends go to this posh school in Japan, and one day a new girl (Homura, girl with black hair) shows up and introduces herself. Homura is very mysterious and quiet. A little fox-cat creature shows up to Madoka and she is frightened because it talks. This creature's name is Kyubey, pronounced QB. Homura warns Madoka not to associate with this creature. Madoka has a close friend- Sayaka, the girl with the blue hair, also gets associated with Kyubey. Kyubey announces that he is basically "the master of people called magical girls." These magical girls have different skills and abilities, and their purpose is to fight witches. The catch is- you're allowed one wish to be granted. The wish can be anything, from becoming a billionaire, to eternal life. The 12 episode-series is about Madoka's and Sayaka's association with magical girls and the experiences that they go through. 

         Don't worry, I won't spill any spoilers, I would've died if someone told me anything while I was watching the series. One thing- YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED AND WILL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE UNTIL YOU FINISH THE SERIES, just warning you here. I finished it in a matter of days and it's left me wanting more.

          This anime was amazing, and has made me want to watch more and similar animes to this one. The concept is so much fun, and the acting is spectacular. Watch this in English Dub if you can, it's much better that way. I've heard that there's a manga, but I never tried it out because the anime is pretty much the same thing, except you're watching it instead of reading it. The whole series was fast-paced and beautiful. I cried so many times.

           The ending broke me. I felt that I got slapped in a face with a brick after I figured out the MAIN PROBLEM. I cried so much, I felt like I was suffocating. The ending was amazing and surprising. <3 

            The characters are amazing and I felt that I could relate to them 100%. My favourites from greatest to least were- Homura, Kyoko, Mami, Madoka, and Sayaka. If you watch it, you'll hopefully understand why I chose who.

             I just found out that there's going to be a live-action movie, and there's a movie that continues after the ending I just watched! So, I'm fangirling a little here. :)

             Thank you so much to the creators for you know, creating perfection (100/10) and to Mel, for getting me obsessed with anime and for telling me about this GORGEOUS THING. ILY. 

              Here's the link on YouTube for the first episode, if you want to give it a try, because I will love you forever, and if you do, then comment below telling me what you think ->


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