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Friday, 8 April 2016
The Sister Pact, by Stacie Ramey
Publication: November 3, 2015, by Sourcebooks Fire
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suicide
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

A suicide pact was supposed to keep them together, but a broken promise tore them apart.
Allie is devastated when her older sister commits suicide - and not just because she misses her. Allie feels betrayed. The two made a pact that they'd always be together, in life, and in death, but Leah broke her promise and Allie needs to know why.
Her parents hover. Her friends try to support her. And Nick, sweet Nick, keeps calling and flirting. Their sympathy only intensifies her grief.
But the more she clings to Leah, the more secrets surface. Allie's not sure which is more distressing: discovering the truth behind her sister's death or facing her new reality without her.

My Thoughts:

Stacie Ramey literally stunned the heck out of me with this gorgeous, light but heart-felt story that confronts the problems of the aftermath of a suicide in a family. We read about a suicide pact, two sisters who have completely different personalities and secrets, betrayal, romance and problems in a teenager's life, which seems rather general but beautiful. This is the realest story of the real. I cannot help but freak out and wish that there are many more contemporary stories out like this one. You know, I have read many suicide stories about a teenager (and her friend or sister) who is undergoing so many problems and battling some kind of mental illness. Stacie Ramey, with this precious story, decides to take a different route and remind readers of traditional feelings that are kept inside of a person. There's no therapy sessions, no cyberbullying or bullying in general. There's so much depth through this and I want to hand it to everyone like a heart of gold.

"What's the easiest thing to paint? Still life. The words come to me. Not from Leah but from my mind, like it's taking over for me in this chess match. Still life. Still alive. Leah. It always comes back to her." (92)

The Sister Pact is about two sisters who lost each other. Allie is living and Leah is gone. They promised to do it together if they ever wanted to, but Leah left before Allie could even say goodbye. Allie is trying to move on, trying new things, maybe kind of falling in love and trying to deal with everything, all on her own, in a way.

I recommend this beautiful story to everyone. It touches the heart in many ways—different ways for each person. A reader who even cannot relate to Allie's situation feels a connection somehow. We all undergo our dark moments where we feel like we have nothing left. Allie felt that, and throughout the work, she tries to configure her future and see where and how she will move on afterwards. Allie is the kind of person that you want to be friends with. She has a selfless personality where even though she undergoes so much in her life, she puts her parents and friends first. She's such an interesting character. It's easy to wish something great to occur for a character, but for Allie, I felt like I was in this journey with her.

What a transformation, too. This whole novel was formed and crafted together beautifully. I couldn't stop reading when I began, and it all turned into one sitting. It's a story that grows with you as you read, and it could come into your life at any season, month or day of the year, whether you feel depressed or not. NICK AND ALLIE FOR LIFE. *shakes* There may or may not be a love triangle included. Just saying. Beware. I was okay with it, at least.

The Sister Pact is such a charming story. There's a touch of romance, a touch of touchy-feely stuff and context that will make your heart squirm and wish for more from this new debut author. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, MY FRIENDS.

*A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest review. Thank you so much!*

What is a recent good suicide book you have read? What about books that feature sisterhood? 


  1. I'm looking forward to adding this to my TBR it sounds so great!

    1. YES! I'm kind of addicted to the story still! It's so fascinating!


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