Waiting on Wednesday #23: This is Where the World Ends

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

This is Where the World Ends, by Amy Zhang
Publication: March 22, 2016, by Greenwillow Books
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Pages: 304

The heart-wrenching new novel about best friends on a collision course with the real world, from the author of Falling into Place.
Janie and Micah, Micah and Janie. That’s how it’s been ever since elementary school, when Janie Vivian moved next door. Janie says Micah is everything she is not. Where Micah is shy, Janie is outgoing. Where Micah loves music, Janie loves art. It’s the perfect friendship, as long as no one finds out about it.
But when Janie is date-raped by the most popular guy in school—a guy she’s had a crush on for years—she finds herself ostracized by all the people she thought were her friends. Now only Micah seems to believe she’s telling the truth. But when even Micah expresses doubt about whether or not she was “asking for it,” it leads to disastrous consequences, and Janie Vivian goes missing.
Using a nonlinear writing style and dual narrators, Amy Zhang’s astonishing second novel masterfully reveals the circumstances surrounding Janie’s disappearance.

This book seriously has to be a part of my life. Contemporary always hits me hard in the heart, and I am so excited to see what will come with Amy Zhang's newest. I loved Falling Into Place and I AM ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SURE that this will also please and make me the happiest girl ever. This is the cutest book cover in the world, and the theme seems to say it all. 

Do you enjoy contemporary without "the romance?" What are you expecting this novel's readers' feels to be like? I DON'T WANNA CRY! 


  1. I LOVED Falling Into Place so I am totally looking forward to this one as well.. Amy Zhang instantly became an auto-buy author for me :D

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

    1. I know, right?! I WILL HUNT PUBLISHERS DOWN FOR THIS BOOK. I do not want that to sound like some creepy threat though. HER STORIES ARE SOOO DEEP! :O


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