Want to Go Private? by Sarah Darer Littman

Wednesday, 5 February 2014
Want to Go Private?, by Sarah Darer Littman
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Abuse
Rating: 5/5 stars

Abby and Luke chat online. They've never met. But they are going to. Soon.
Abby is starting high school--it should be exciting, so why doesn't she care? Everyone tells her to "make an effort," but why can't she just be herself? Abby quickly feels like she's losing a grip on her once-happy life. The only thing she cares about anymore is talking to Luke, a guy she met online, who understands. It feels dangerous and yet good to chat with Luke--he is her secret, and she's his. Then Luke asks her to meet him, and she does. But Luke isn't who he says he is. When Abby goes missing, everyone is left to put together the pieces. If they don't, they'll never see Abby again.

  • Wow. I knew that the book would be spectacular, but I never thought that it would be this good. I loved it and it ended up being one of the best books I've heard in a while. It's super-duper contemporary, and really speaks up on the issue of rape and internet safety, which I thought was great.
  • The author made the readers totally understand what Abby was going through the whole time. She was fed up with "doing whatever her parents wanted her to do," and needed a break, especially by talking to someone who understands her, and will "never meet anyways."
  • Luke was really cute in the beginning, but of course, we grew to hate him, duh. Even though we all knew what was coming, you still wanted to be able to read the book more and more until it was completely over. I loved it so much!

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