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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

 Hidden Intentions by Stacy Claflin 
(The Transformed) 
Publication date: Summer 2014
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3/5 stars 
Format: ebook

   Fun-loving Clara is keeping a dark and deadly secret from William, the love of her life.

Not because she wants to hide things from him, but because her story is so unbelievable he will probably think she’s crazy.

 If she tells him, she could lose him. If she doesn’t tell him, she will.



    This is a book about vampires. If you didn't know that and hate vampires, then I'd recommend that you should stay away from this book. I personally am sick and tired of vampire books, and if I knew it, then I'd stay away from this book.

         I overall thought that this one was okay. What kept it good was the fact that the romance and characters were pretty adorable. There were many boring moments that made me roll my eyes and the whole vampire concept is very lacking of awesomeness. Some authors can really create a gorgeous vampire world, but I found this one to be confusing and dull. Other than that, the book was pretty well-written.
       This is about Clara, who's secretly a vampire. She's been one for over two hundred years, and went through many phases of relationships. When she meets William, it brings back memories of her love for his ancestor, Liam. They fall in love and head back to their hometown, and when William finds a photo of his ancestors, he finds a photo with a girl who looks exactly like Clara. (And it is.) He then proposes, and Clara figures out that she needs to tell William the truth, or else their whole relationship would be ruined.

        I read this book fairly quickly. It took me about an hour and a half, and although it was fast-paced, I was bored at many times. The plot went by quickly, but the main problem was the concept which didn't interest me. There really was no point of this standalone. Vampires? Yuck.


            But it was fast-paced... So that's a pro, right?

        I adored the characters. Clara was just the most kick-ass chick I've read about in an adult novel. She was easy to relate to, and totally independent and perfect, just like William says. William was absolutely hot, steamy, and adorable. I kept fanning myself whenever his POV came up. ;) You'll adore him.

         By the time the ending came, I realized that this book was more of a meh read for me. It had its flaws and good ideas, but the (bad) ending really stuck with me. It was predictably bad, but the romance made it a whole 'lot better because you'll decide that it was worth it.      


About the Author:

    I love writing, reading, and watching most anything paranormal. My favorite shows include Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon a Time.
   I’ve been writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my story telling would get me into trouble when I would try to convince others that my stories were real.
   When I’m not busy writing, I spend time with my family. I also run a home preschool and educate my kids from home.
You can learn more about my current and upcoming books at    I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. OMG, from the cover, there is no way to know it's about vampires! I was SURE it was a contemporary/erotica. At least there was a good writing. Too bad the author didn't really pull off the vampire thing. :/ Also, WOW, that of a fast-read?? Cool review, Michelle! xx

  2. What I do want to know is whether or not the Vampires here are the menacing, feral kind? Or the sparkly ones we all know too well? Haha. Sucks that it was a boring read overall! Some books are like that... it's well-written, yes, but it's too lackluster when it comes to impact. Oh, well! At least it's a three star :) That's as good as any!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  3. @Lola: I know right! I thought that it'd be a typical vampire romance, but it was something unbelievable! Thank you, Lola! If you like vampires, then you might enjoy this one! :D

  4. @Faye: They're the sparkly ones. -_- Okay, they weren't actually described as sparkly, but the other aspects showed that they were the cliche ones. Meh. I love those feral kinds, and when we found out that the protagonist was a vamp, I was crossing my fingers that she'd be unique! Three stars, not bad! It was okay..


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