Stacking the Shelves #6: August 30

Saturday, 30 August 2014

        August 30? This means that summer is practically over... And it was only the beginning of August the last time I shared this feature with you all!

         Over the past week, I've gotten some amazing books in the mail, where most where gifted and won from Twitter giveaways. And of course, I've been a naughty Edelweiss/Netgalley hoarder.



   Thank you so much to Lori M. Lee, Gretchen McNeil, and Cecil Castellucci for these goodies! I’m so excited to read Vessel and Tin Star which were contest-wins! :D

Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian – This is a new print of the book, but it’s actually an oldie in fact. I’ve read The List and her pretty two books in the Burn For Burn trilogy with Jenny Han, and she’s a great author. I’m really excited for this one! (The cover reminds me of going back to school though. *shivers*)

White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout – I ADORED LUX—at least the first two books, for now. So I went to the B&N in Florida and looked for anything Jen Armentrout, and this is the beauty that I found! I’m so excited for some demon-sexiness.


The Rosie Project – I normally don’t read a lot of adult books obviously compared to amount of YA that I read, but some of them, like Attachments by Rainbow Rowell are fantastic, and I love them just as much as YA. The atmosphere sure is different, but the cuteness is just as believable. I’ve been wanting to hook up onto The Rosie Project for a long time, and this is my chance!

    And here are my e-hauls! Yes, I'm too lazy to add the links in for each, haha. But come on, these are awesome!

     What pretties were part of your haul this week? Have you read any of these and loved them?


  1. OMG! You got Trial by Fire?! You're so lucky ;)
    Great haul! I hope you enjoy them!

    Clarissa @ Books Equal Awesomeness

  2. Awesome haul! I've been kinda iffy on requesting Trial by Fire, but I love witches so I'm I'm thinking I should give it a shot. I don't know yet... But happy reading! :)

  3. Amazing haul, Michelle! I just grabbed Trial by Fire myself (but in the UK cover because it's so pretty). I can't wait to here what you think :)

  4. Great haul! I haveee to read Trial Of Fire since everyone has been reading it lately! I hope you like it :).

  5. You have Trial by Fire! Awesome! And you also have The Walls Around Us. I'm jelly here. Vessel also looks right at home among the ferns. Hehe. Hope you enjoy all these, Mich. Can't believe August is almost over.

  6. That's a lot of ebooks! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hope you don't mind ;)

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

  7. Loved Trial by Fire!!! Hope you enjoy it :)
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  8. @Clarissa: YES! I still can't believe it myself, haha! Thank you so much, and thanks for visiting!

  9. @Liliana: Thank you, Liliana! Go for it! I'm not a usual big fan of witches either, but I can't resist this beauty!

  10. @Jess: Thank you! OMG YES, the UK cover is sooo gorgeous! I can't get my eyes off it! I can't wait to read it!

  11. @Anna: I agree! Everyone's reading it and loving it, so I'm so excited too!

  12. @Sar: LOL! I love fern-book-bush photos! *dreams* It definitely matched hehe. Thank you so much Sar, I'm so excited! Ugh, time flies!

  13. @Eileen: Yes, haha! I still can't believe how many I got myself! Who knows when I'll be able to get through them all! Thank you! :)

  14. @Jen: Thank you so much! I'm bracing myself for it! :)


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