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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

         Hey, hey!

         I was tagged by Eileen at BookCatPin to do this awesome and quick tag so you all can get to know me a little better! So, let's begin!

1. I'm 14 and in Grade 9. I always feel proud when talking about my blogging hobby because I personally don't know anyone who also does it. :)        

2. I live in Canada, and have actually undergone so much snow last week that I got to stay home since my bus to school was cancelled, haha.

3. My most favourite thing in the world other than reading, blogging and writing is traveling. I've already been to so many places, I can't wait to see more.

4. My star sign is Leo, and I've always felt some sort of connection to my horoscope. Many people don't believe in that sort of fate, but oh well, haha.

5. The thing I want to improve on the most in blogging is commenting. I feel so much guilt when I don't get too many chances to spend hours looking at all of your posts! That's a definite thing I need to work on.

6. Over the years, I've realized that my music liking has changed drastically. Of course, I once liked cheesy pop songs that were on the radio, (since I was a tween not too long ago) but Panic! At the Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer, Lorde, Lana Del Ray and Imagine Dragons are my alternative favourites to be honest.

7. My most favourite thing about blogging is the friends that I've made, and the building of my writing skills. When I was in dark times, I felt like blogging and all of you were always there for me.

8. The first time I got a physical copy in the mail, I cried. It was in May of this past year, and I got Dissonance by Erica O'Rourke and Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine from Simon & Schuster, and I adored them both.

9. I am such an overly-obsessed neat freak, and an overachiever and perfectionist. Everything needs to be scheduled, written down and organized in my mind, haha. I guess that's the way I read, too.

10. I've always had dreams of becoming an author one day—I'm always still hoping that I'll get to become one. At the same time, I'd like to go to medical school as well.

11. My all-time favourite author has to be Cassandra Clare. All of her books are perfection.

12. The only time I've sorta met an author was when I was in a Toronto Book Festival in September. I must say that I only saw K.A. Tucker, but didn't get to speak to her because of time limits, hehe.

13. My favourite TV show has to definitely be Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries and Under the Dome, which I have to get caught up on with all three this Christmas break. 

14. I have a crazy obsession with Nestea. Like it's all I need to drink for the rest of my life as well as water. 

15. I have a little sister who's honestly obsessed with Archie Comics, as I once was. We have so many old issues!
16. I honestly used to be so against e-readers. I had so many arguments against them and why they weren't worth it, until I discovered my Kindle, and then my life changed completely.

17. I'm also in love with anime, but haven't gotten to watch an episode since April, since I honestly can't control myself and my grades would drop—trust me. Christmas break is the time where I'll get caught up on everything.

18. My favourite film that really hasn't been known much about is How I Live Now. It's crazy, because I read the book and watched the movie all in one day. Saorise Ronan is awesome.

19. I can speak French pretty fluently since we have to learn it in school and Polish. I really want to learn some Russian one day, as I can understand a teensy bit.

20. I began blogging in March 2013, and I must say that I've learnt so much and at the same time, I've grown up a lot. My grammar used to be horrible!

Yay! That's a wrap!

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  1. I understand the star sign connection, I'm a Gemini and I feel like one...100%. Have you read Zodiac by Romina Russell yet? I'm about halfway through it and it's pretty good. It's sci-fi, but a lot of zodiac stuff is mixed in there.

    I feel kind of lucky because when City of Bones first came out I emailed Cassandra Clare to tell her I loved it. She emailed me back and she ended up coming to sign books in the store I work in. She came back again for Clockwork Angel. I worked at Borders and we closed, but she still always comes to other bookstores in the area now. Every book I have is signed (except for The Bane Chronicles since it was just released). She's so sweet.

    I love anime, too :)

    Keep the reviews and posts coming!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    1. YES I WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS SO BADLY! I've heard awesome things... and of course, the title must correspond, hehe.

      WHOA WHOA WHOA! That's so amazing, especially since Cassie Clare is SO FAMOUS now and you got to meet her already. :D I'M SO JEALOUS, I must admit! It's not everyday when you get to meet the most famous YA author in the world!

      Thank you so much, Michelle! <33

  2. SNOW??? I'm super jealous. I'm boiling over here! And yessss I'm so behind on comments nowadays, it's killing me (but so is my lack of sleep so LOL either way I'm dying) Mwahahaa I have the oddest music taste. I tend to gravitate to alternative music and orchestral music. That's what I normally listen to BUT some days I just binge one direction. They're all I can stand. HA people ALWAYS judge (grrr) I HOPE YOU GET TO YOUR DREAM CAREER, MICHELLE! You certainly have the drive <3 Ha! I'm not crazy about PLL but I'm sticking with it, just because I'm so goddamn curious. I have to know the ending now because of the amount of time I've invested. FRENCH AND POLISH AND ENGLISH?? Damn, you're talented! But I'm with you. I'm dying to learn Russian!

    I loved this post, Michelle! In fact, this is my all time favourite tag, just because I love how much more we get to learn about the blogger behind the words. I've actually already done it but you're an absolute sweetheart for tagging me <3 x

    1. NOO DON'T ASK FOR SNOW, HUN! It's crazy. I'm so excited that it's break now so I can sleep in forever and not feel grumpy. That's usually me every single morning—and I'm not a morning person at all. I actually really like classical music at times, obviously depending on my mood hehe. EWWW ONE DIRECTION. Okay, okay, not planning to judge since I once had major crushes on them. Liam's still my favourite, though.

      THANK YOU SWEETS! WE'RE SO ALIKE HEHE. <33 I can't wait to hear your facts hun! <33 :*

  3. I live in Canada and got a snow day last week too, but I honestly hate winter. I get cold way to easily! I agree with your horoscope points. I am a Sagittarius and I feel so connected to it!

  4. I love traveling too!! It's so much fun :) Haha I need to get better at commenting too, I'm still responding to comments from mid November :0 I'm a perfectionist and neat freak too! GIRL, I LOVE CASSANDRA CLARE AND HER BOOKS ARE TOTALLY PERFECTION. Thanks for the tag, can't wait to do it <33

    1. Ahh I'm so glad to hear that we're very much alike! You're absolutely welcome, I'm so excited to hear your facts! <33

  5. Maybe we're just superstitious, but I'm a Capricorn and it fits me so much as well!

    1. YES! *pounds fists in air* I try to read my horoscope as much often as I can and compare! xD

  6. Travelling is amazing! I love love travelling too!
    I'll be doing the tag this Sunday, thank you for tagging me Michelle!

    1. Hehe, you're absolutely welcome! I can't wait to hear your facts! :DD

  7. Wow, really? I wouldn't expect you to be 14! I was also fourteen when I started out with blogging, but since then I have been through on birthday and it is only a few till I am sixteen! I hope the blogging keeps on going well for you :3 Ew, snow. I don't like snow :D I love to write and travel as well! We have quite a few things in common it seems ;)

    1. Ah, a lot of people usually say that hehe. I was 12 and such a noob! I feel so embarrassed when I look at the way I used to do things, haha. Thanks! <33


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