The Book Thief Movie Review

Thursday, 11 December 2014

           After re-watching this movie a few weeks ago, I've come to realize that I've never have written a review for this gorgeous movie—yet. So here, let's talk about this gorgeous movie that will shed you to tears—like a waterfall.

              A little over a year ago on a bright and chilly Saturday, I decided to pick up the book that everyone was talking about at the moment—The Book Thief, and little did I know that my life was about to change forever, reading in the point-of-view of Death, who is speaking about a little German girl named Liesel Meminger who only wanted to have freedom and read.

             That's what it's mainly about, if you haven't read it yourself. Liesel is now an orphan, and has come to live with a foster family who are Nazis and believe in something that Liesel sure wouldn't approve of in her old "life" before everyone died around her. What keeps her going is books, including The Gravedigger's Handbook and the Jew that has come to live with her foster family in a state of horrible time.


             YES. The thing that upsets me the most in this situation is that there's a lot of hate on this movie when there really shouldn't be. This is such a heartwarming but tragic story that will shatter you and leave you close to dead. I watched it twice, and bawled both times since the emotions and storyline is always there.

             The great thing to keep in mind here is that it's better if you read the book before watching the movie. I obviously cried in the book as well, and it's so difficult now to choose between book or movie, because they were both done in such a spectacular way. They both deserve more fame than anything else.

              Liesel, played by Sophie Nélisse, was an excellent young actress. The way I imagined Liesel when reading the book was Sophie. I'm stuck on not knowing what else to say here because all of the characters suited my imagination—and hopefully, every other readers'.

              World War II is a subject that I'm very fond of, because there are so many loads of different tragic stories and survival stories, and this was just one that was fictional, but for sure took place in many people's lives. Liesel was a memory and a keepsake of different lost lives all smushed together in one young character who inspired all of us to not forget about the things that matter the most in our dark times.

                 The ending... Well you'll have to see that for yourself, because it's too tragic to even think about because I'm already tearing up. Let me just tell you...

                That this was an amazing film that more people need to see. It's definitely one of the best book-to-film adaptations ever.


  1. I love this movie too!! How can anyone hate this??? I remember reading this book last year during classes and I reached the sad part about the bombing and the death of Liesel's family and Rudy. Gosh I wanted to cry, but classes were ongoing and the teacher would notice me reading a book in secret :P

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Oh my gosh, I know right? This honestly seems like the perfect winter read—tragic but gorgeous at the same time. OMG SHHHH SPOILER ALERT! Haha, that just broke my heart and ugh when she kissed him? Sparks, people! <3

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one!! I have yet to see it, but I hear it's really good. Oh no, I'm so going to cry ;( Lovely review!! <33

    1. Hehe, thanks hun! Brace yourself—it's a wild roller coaster that ends like a blur. <3


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