Fall For Anything, by Courtney Summers

Monday, 22 December 2014
Fall For Anything, by Courtney Summers
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance
Publication: December 21, 2010 by St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 230
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
Rating:  ½

Struggling to understand the reasons behind her successful photographer father's suicide, Eddie Reeves purses a dangerous relationship with one of her father's former students, who seems to know more about Eddie's father than she does.

I feel that Courtney Summers is a master at writing contemporary novels with unique premises. It's not everyday when you read a book about a photographer's depressed daughter who's basically suffering all throughout, every single moment there is. Fall for Anything was absolutely a book that I fell for, and it had a very strong heroine.

"I'm always leaving, but I never have anywhere to go."
  If I close my eyes and reenact this whole book in my head, the thing that catches my attention the most is the formation of Eddie's character. She started off as a twig, small and feared, but as her story broadened and came to be, she ended up like a tree, ready for any situation or thing to fly by. I praised her, and she was my favourite thing of this story. She was understandable, looking at her situation, and I saw a character who was scared but still took the chance. I had to point this out first or else I'd freak while writing this review, to be honest.


   The story is simple, but it's actually pretty meaningful. Eddie Reeves is living alone with her mother, who rarely is there for her since all she does is sit and gets drunk with her best friend. Eddie is trying to understand the clues and hints behind her father's recent suicide, and then she meets his past photography student, who has some feelings for Eddie himself. The basic reason why she's taking the chance with him is because he may know more about her dad than she does...

     You'd take the chance for someone you deeply love, right? Obviously, who wouldn't? This was Eddie in this case. She was fearing of losing her mind, and she needed to find out what was bothering her father in his life, since he was so famous and made a lot of money. Money doesn't buy you happiness. The concept of this story was strong and applicable to a lot of people's lives out there. Many people could probably relate to Eddie.


        What I must say is that if Eddie's character and the concept wasn't strong, then I wouldn't have liked this book too much, to be honest. The story was honestly nothing special, as in twists and turns speaking. Nothing significant was happening that got my heart racing or anything like that. It was basically a story you would find on the news, one that almost no one would be talking about because there were no mind-blowing events that cautioned you to freak out. I was expecting more, in this aspect.

           If you're looking for a nice romance, you should run away here. Okay, there was a little romance, which is why I classified this under the "romance" category, but I didn't like it. WE NEEDED SOMETHING SWEET HERE TO MAKE EDDIE FEEL BETTER. We had some forbidden gross thing going on that Eddie's best friend had to save her from. Does that count?

         I find that Courtney Summers' books are always so soothing and real. You can't argue with that aspect, honestly. But I do feel like we needed an improve of characters and romance. Looking for a quick Friday night read? Then this book is for you.


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