Stacking the Shelves #22: December 21

Sunday, 21 December 2014

This Week's Headlines:

      Hello hello! SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER! BAM BAM BAMMMM! Okay—so the amazing thing here is that I'm officially on Christmas break until the first Monday of 2015. You honestly don't understand how long I've been waiting for this. FOREVER AND EVER, let me tell you. I'm so ready for a nice long relaxing break where I'll be able to chill, read and forget about school for a while. But of course, I'll need to study for exams a little bit. ;)

My Book Haul:

  This week's been awesome with books! I HAVE ROGUE WAVE, PEOPLE. Thank you so much for Disney-Hyperion for this awesome blessing.

          Also, a big thanks to Penguin USA for granting me an ecopy of:

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What are your newest shelf additions? Read any of these? 


  1. Nice! Hope you love it! I haven't read Deep Blue but it sounds good :)

    1. Ah! Deep Blue was the only mermaid book I've ever loved, haha! :)

  2. Ooh, Rogue Wave is so pretty! I've been tempted to buy Deep Blue because it's been so cheap here, and in hardcover too, but I don't know. TOO MANY OTHER BOOKS I WANT MORE. Motorcycles I've Loved more looks interesting, so I hope you enjoy both of these and CHRISTMAS BREAK! YAY. Also, have a Merry Christmas, Michelle. <33

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! ^_^ YOU HAVE TO GET IT! Thank you so much, Ebony, and same to you! <33


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