Stacking the Shelves #20: December 7

Sunday, 7 December 2014

This Week's Headlines:

   Oh, the weekend! I honestly count down the days until I get to stay home under the blanket, and read! Oh, and there's actually 10 more school days until Christmas break begins! *squeals* Ah, I can already smell the spirit in the air.

    So really, my week hasn't been so special. I've been either studying, or watching Christmas movies on TV, with a little spit of reading in between. I was getting a little afraid that I've been going into a reading slump, but I'm sure that's not the case here. I really need to get my going on Christmas shopping as well!

My Book Haul:

      Since my family also celebrates St. Nicholas Day on the sixth, the tradition here is that we all get a gift from St. Nicholas himself. ;) Here is part of my splurge! YAYYY!

      From left to right:

     After, by Anna Todd: YESYESYESYESYES! This is a pretty I've been dying to read since I've heard about it—and it's so mega-popular. I'm too lazy to read it on Wattpad since I have books to read, so now it'll be able to be treated just like one of my own, haha.

      The Maze Runner Boxed Set, by James Dashner: Okay, so as you may have known, I adored The Maze Runner movie to the moon and back, and possibly even farther than that. I did read the first book in the series a loonnnggg time ago, (when I was 10?) and didn't even finish it. THIS IS MY CHANCE TO LOVE IT WITH THE WHOLE GORGEOUS SERIES.

       The Calling, by James Frey & Nils Johnson-Shelton: Finally. Firstly, this is a huge book. It's HUMUNGOUS. I'm honestly so excited because there's amazing things being said and the ratings are so high. Perfection, you may call it.

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What are your newest additions to your shelves?


  1. I really want to read After! I couldn't be bothered to read the fanfiction, but for some reason, I think that it will be more appealing to me in actual book form.

    1. Ahhh—same here! A lot of the people I know were all Wattpad-obsessed so it made sense that they went on and read it through there. :)

  2. Nice haul!! I want to read all of those!! Happy reading, hon <33

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  3. YOU HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT AFTER! I got the sequel unsolicitedly and can't be bothered by it at all :/ :/ Have a good week, my dear! <3 x

    1. YES! I think I'm also going to get the sequel unsolicited as well! A lot of my friends have adored it and I'm so excited! Thanks, love! <3


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