Brew by David Estes Review

Friday, 5 December 2014

Brew (Salem's Revenge #1), by David Estes
Published On: October 1, 2014
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Paranormal, Science-Fiction, Romance
Pages: 440
Format: eARC
Source: Author/Street Team

Salem’s Revenge strikes without warning or mercy, ravaging the powerless human race under the forces of united gangs of witches, wizards, and warlocks. During the slaughter, Rhett Carter's foster parents and sister are killed, and his best friend and girlfriend are abducted by a gang of witches calling themselves the Necromancers, who deal in the dark magic of raising the dead. Rhett’s sword-wielding neighbor with a mysterious past saves Rhett from becoming another casualty of the massacre and teaches him the skills he needs to survive in this new world.
Rhett is broken, his normal high school life of book blogging and football playing shoved in a witch-apocalyptic blender. The only thing he has left is his burning desire for revenge. Armed with his new witch hunting skills and a loyal, magic powered dog named Hex, he sets out into the unknown with one mission: hunt and destroy those who took away everyone he ever loved. 
But Rhett isn’t just a witch hunter; he has secrets of his own that he has yet to discover, secrets that his enemies will stop at nothing to keep him from.
And discovering the truth about himself is the human race’s only hope.

 *Thank you so much to the author for providing me an eARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!*

   I have felt like Brew has been sitting on my Goodreads currently-reading shelf for ages, and it's bugged me because it's not like I've even been reading it the whole time through. I only began reading it a couple of days ago and took me about 3 sittings to get through with. Overall, I must say that this was done splendidly and I'm so excited to read other works of Estes in the future.

     So we've all heard words about how this is another classification of The Walking Dead with witches, and I totally must agree on that! It's everything I've been looking for with witches but with a little less action, I must admit.


       As I began reading, by the first chapter, I already could tell that Estes is a pure fantasy writer. His mind definitely revolves around an action-based storyline that will rip you out of your seat.

“Ignorance is the worst plague of all, a form of blindness that destroys the hearts of the people who hide behind it.”
       To tell you the truth, I usually am not a huge fan of witch books. They don't really captivate me and I find that they're always the same, every author, every single time. This one really wasn't bad, and it impressed me and intrigued me at points. I can just imagine what the sequel would do.

        Be warned that this is a mind-blowing 440 pages long. Coming from my own words, "BE PREPARED BECAUSE THIS IS A HUGE BOOK." Some of us take longer to read than others, so those of you who are slower, you'll be needing a lot more time to finish reading this. It was mega-huge, and yeah, a total mind-blowing crazy experience. But now as I read it, I must say that I'm glad I did, especially for the experience.

         I began the book with mega-high expectations. There are such high ratings on this book, and I've heard fantastic things on the writing. The plot, I must say, needed some work to even entertain those who normally don't read witch-stories.

          In my opinion to get this book ten times better, a lot of improvement was needed. I wish I could've heard more about Rhett's past and how the foster family had to do with his changing of personality and all. More romance could've been a tiny bit better as well. :)


 I feel like this was really bland—as it should've not been. I expected the non-expected, and totally forgot about the expected and that actually came up in the end.

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