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Monday 1 September 2014

Minty, by Christina Banach
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Mystery
Rating: 3/5 stars
Publication: April 8, 2014, by Three Hares Publishing
Format: ebook 

Goodreads Summary: Fourteen-year old twins Minty and Jess are inseparable. Maybe they bicker now and then, even crave a bit of space once in a while. But they have a connection. Unbreakable. Steadfast. Nothing can tear them apart. Until a family trip to the coast puts their bond in jeopardy. As Minty tries to rescue her dog from drowning she ends up fighting for her life. Will Minty survive? If she doesn't, how will Jess cope without her? Only the stormy sea has the answer.


     *eReview copy provided by Jean Book Nerd Tours in exchange for an honest review.*

      This book was the good, the bad, and the ugly, all together. I loved it, hated it, and went through many phases of loving and thinking about it. Minty was more of a childish middle-grade book. It was predictable and not everything I would've wanted in a book like this. Prefer something better? Try If I Stay. That is much more heartfelt and beautiful. Plus, the romance is gorgeous there.

       Minty starts off like your average contemporary. The two main characters, Jess and Minty are average fourteen year olds, until Minty goes into the water to save her dog. After that, everything goes crazy. Minty ends up dying, and so does her dog. Her family is "torn apart," but the main person who's grieving is her twin, Jess. This is the story of her recovering... and watching her sister.


         Because there wasn't enough grieving! Jess was basically the only who was being teared apart. Her mom and dad? Nada. Her dad complained of not being able to shed a tear. That basically means that he didn't care. And I totally understood that Minty then teared apart herself. 

          The concept could've been thought out better... But there were many other things that intrigued me. The plot wasn't too bad. It was thick and there was a whole story in between in the lines. Christina Banach is a really awesome author, and her writing is great!

           Minty and Jess were both strong characters. Minty knew what she wanted. She had feelings, unlike many other protagonists these days. She was independent, capable of doing anything to make others happy and to have Jess stress-free.

              Family in books are so special. :D 

              In conclusion, I thought that this book was okay. It had its flaws, and its good spots. It was in between good and bad. Recommended but for those who are willing!                                                    


  1. Hmm, this one sounds interesting, although I know the part you mentioned with the dad would make me super angry.

  2. That's weird that the parents were not really more grief-stricken. They usually are the ones that are hit the most because hello, it's their children! It would be weird to see that in a book unless of course the parents were supposed to be cold-hearted that way...

    Faye at The Social Potato

  3. Great review Mich, you reviewed the negative points wonderfully but weaved it in with the positive. I love the Vampire Diaries gif as well hehe :) At least there was enough to redeem it, like the strong characters.

  4. @Megan: Yes! It is recommended. I'm hoping that you'll pick it up? :)

  5. @Faye: Hmmph. Of course! That's what I was expecting as well, but the author took it into a whole other perspective. I'm hoping it was accidental?

  6. @Jeann: Thanks! <3 The strong characters really saved this book.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Minty.

  8. @Christina: You're welcome, thanks for writing this amazing book!


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