Stacking the Shelves #9: September 21

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I always get excited for my favourite meme of the week... This one of course! Who doesn't love sharing their newest reads with their favourite people and then stalking their page to see those people's hauls?!

My week's been pretty good—long, tiring, but good! I always look forward for the weekend (who doesn't?) so I can sleep, read, and repeat!

Although I didn't get much this week, I've been squealing a lot lately and have been very excited to read these!

 Sanctum - Ahhh sequel time! Asylum was actually one of the best horror stories I've ever read, and it even inspired me to write a speech on the subject of asylums last year! I am so ready for late night nightmares and photos that will creep me to death!

Dear Nobody - Did you ever go to the bookstore and just picked up a book and went to buy it without even looking up ratings or wanting to buy it beforehand? That's exactly what happened here. I just have a feeling in my guts that I will love it!

Breathe, Annie, Breathe - Okay, if you know me, then you will know that I am a HUGE Miranda Kenneally fan. I loved every single book from this series, and the cover of this one is the best yet! Although summer is practically over here, I'm getting myself ready for a gorgeous chick-lit!

Yes, that is HEIR OF FIRE hiding away in the bushes! ;) I was literally the happiest person in the world when I got it! *happiness forever*

YAYAYAY! But I only have an excerpt/sample of this from EW, so I'm going to have to wait for my physical, which I might get soon!

I am a humungous fan of Michelle Madow through her Diamond Sisters trilogy, and I am so glad to have gotten this for my Kindle! EVERYONE. IT IS FREE!

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What have you added to your shelves this week?!


  1. Asylum, huh? Me being a huge fan of horror, I'm kinda surprised I haven't read it yet!! Will definitely need to get to it soon and you know, get in the mood for Halloween ;) Oh, and okay, when I was in nursing school last summer, we went to a psych hospital for a whole week and sometimes we had to travel like underground in the basement sort of and it was totally creepy! We had to unlock then lock every single door we came across, and it was kinda dark down there... *shudders* But it was SO awesome at the same time! I pretended I was in a horror movie ;) hehehe

    Awesome haul, girly! Hope you enjoy all your reads! And don't stay up too late reading Sanctum. Actually, do ;) That's the best time to read a horror novel ;) lol

  2. Ahh, yes! I was so happy to have found it and added it into my life! *dreams and grins* :0 That's really crazy! I'd be messed up and totally paranoid of everything by the time I returned to "normal/ordinary reality!" But it's awesome that you went and did it for the experience, brave one! ;)

    Thank you, lovely! <3 I will, I will! I read Asylum late in night and it was the best experience! More nightmares for meeee!


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