Don't Miss a Diss #7: If I Stay Movie Review

Monday, 8 September 2014

    Don't Miss A Diss is a weekly discussion post led by A Thousand Lives Lived which features discussions with the book blogger public about the troubles and wishes of bloggers.

   As you may have heard, on August 22, Gayle Forman's book, If I Stay, has turned into a book-to-film adaptation starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley in different locations around the world. For this week's Don't Miss a Diss post, I will be sharing my review of the movie with you all!  Please guys, stay for this! 


     I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman way back in early 2013—at least it felt like it was way back ago. At the time, it was one of the most popular YA novels, and it still is! Who'd think that a movie would be released? I adored the book and gave it a loving 4 stars, and before I knew it, I heard news of a movie being released in August of 2014. It was one year from the date at the time, and I was wondering what'd it eventually turn into.

     More than a year later—and here I am gushing about it. I'd seriously give this movie a wopping 10/10 stars and beyond because it was so amazing. Even if you're not the type to read, then I'd still say to go out and watch this because it's gorgeously hot. And steamy!

       I saw this on the day it was released with a friend. We both went in with high expectations and came out in tears. Shattered, if you ask me. I didn't let anyone talk to me for a full two hours until I came to my senses.


         That's all I really have got to say. And a friend, so you can have someone to gush to when you meet Adam aka Jamie Blackley, my crush forever and always. Or you can be still awesome and gush to the security guard who doesn't care about your opinion. ;) Either way, you'll need to talk about the sexy Adam Wilde and the ship between him and Mia. Oh, and the fact on how quickly the movie's events go by.

       The movie was perfect. The creators made this so real and believable. The actors, specifically Chloe and Jamie, were perfect and did a brilliant job re-creating Mia and Adam's story. It's tough to act in a movie like that. The tears need to shed, the feelings need to come out, and you have to intrigue the audience. They made it easy, like a snap.

              won't be the same you you are after watching this movie. Adam just explained it perfectly here!
             So in case you've never heard of If I Stay or its novel, here's a recap on what it's all about. Mia is your average seventeen year old. She plays the cello, and that's her life. Music connects to her and it's her everything. She's currently dating (for the first time ever) Adam Wilde—a sexy, gorgeous, older rock-star who loves her to death. And yes, he loves her when Mia is in a car accident with her hippie parents and younger brother, Teddy. Mia is struck in a coma, but her spirit/soul is currently watching everything that's going on around her. How can this be? This is her story of how she's figuring to stay, or leave, including past events that will shatter your heart.


            That will help you really feel what's going on and so you can compare the book's works to the movie's. I can admit that the movie was better than the book, for one of the first times in book-to-movie-adaptation history, according to me, myself, and I. 


              I just would like to talk about the fact how hot and sexy Adam is. JAMIE BLACKLEY IS PERFECT. I WANT HIM AND HIS GORGEOUS HAIR AND BODY AND CLOTHES AND LIPS AND EYES AND VOICE. I WANT WILLIAMETTE STONE. There's so many ways I can express my love for him, but I really have just got to say that he's my #1 most favourite guy in the world. I cry when thinking about how amazing he is. :')

                 The chemistry between Jamie and Chloe was real. I truly wish that they were dating in real life because I ship them so. fucking. hard. But... MEH. The "play you like a cello" scene was steamy and hot and got the whole theatre squealing, even the old men. xD

               And the soundtrack? Holy shit I listen to Williamette Stone's songs everyday. I need to get an iTunes card so I can buy the whole freaking album because Jamie's voice calms me down. 


                    This movie will leave you:
  • bawling like the world's ending and because you just can't have Adam
  • singing along with Williamette Stone's amazing music
  • envious that Mia gets all "that"
  • heartbroken 
  • wondering what'll happen next
  • pissed that there's a cliffhanger
  • feeling like you don't know what else to do with your life.
  • . speechless



  1. Hahaha I love that #read the book gif! It never gets old! Yes Jamie and Chloe had the prefect chemistry! I really enjoyed this movie too :)

  2. That gif explains it all! :) Ughh it'll never leave my mind.. :)

  3. I can't wait to watch it now Michelle so we can discuss together, so glad you really enjoyed it! I am really looking forward to the music in this one especially since that's not something that was in the book.

  4. Yes! Ahh I really do hope that you'll love this as much as I did! :) The music didn't really connect them together too much in the book, I agree. :D

  5. Hahaha that is the best gif ever, I wasn't going to worry about this one but you may have swayed me

  6. LOL GO GO GO FOR IT! It's a movie that is needed to see ASAP for everyone! <3


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