How I Plan to Read it All...!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

This week's topic...

How I Plan To Read It All...!

 It's incredibly difficult to manage a reading/blogging/social life at the same time when working or going to school. We read for our passions, and we review for the people so we can either recommend or not recommend a book. It's simple as that. But then again, it's not so simple when thinking about how can we plan to read every book in our shelves. 

As a lot of us do, we receive books in exchange for review. Getting books in the mail is such a pleasure for me—it's unbelievably amazing. Once those review reads begin to pile up with the amount of books that we purchased or were gifted, it all mixes in and the craziness and unmanageable thoughts begin to kick in. So really, as I ask myself this everyday: How is it possible to read it all? How do I plan to read it all, adding the hours of homework and studying in between? 


Because I am a crazy neat-freak and organized person, I MAKE LISTSSSSSSS. Either on my computer or hand-written, every month I write/type out the books that I ASAP need to read that coming month, for publishers or because I WANT TO SO BADLY. 

But do you seriously think that I can get to it all?

I sometimes even miss deadlines for when I need to read a book and then I'm left reading it at the last minute. Well, that's how it used to be.

But I'm finding that I beginning to get the whole time management thing straight. Especially that I'm now in high school (add 100x more homework to the average Elementary school thing), time-management is key to success. *sounds like an old granny*

So I never really answered the question, right? 

How do I plan to read it all? Surviving. Surviving the crazy amount of homework, and just to chill and relax. Organization is key with this, but I really think that you'll need to just go out and realize that reading is a passion, and therefore there'll be no need for stressing over it. Most of us are here for the passion part of it, right? 

I have so many e-ARCs to catch up on, it's not even funny anymore and I'm literally embarrassed to death to even speak of the number that I have waiting to be read on my Kindle. So I was originally planning on reading 1 regular book and then 1 ARC, but it hasn't gone that way... yet. For now, I'm just reading what I feel like, and in those terms, ARCs are definitely part of that. Go with the flow, I guess?

But I guess those are my way of doing things. So go ahead and read the way you want to using your strategies. Make a list, go with the flow, randomize it. Basically, we all know that there're too many books, and too little time.

Hmmph. I wish there were 50 hours in a day. :'D

So tell me—how do you, wonderful person, plan on
reading it all? 


  1. Sounds awesome. Great post for today. Honestly, I am reading barely anything right now. I got a bit imbalanced when I added exercise to the mix. So, trying to find a new balance between work, exercise, sitting around online, reading, editing, writing and preparing for NaNoWriMo. Oh and blogging, I umm should do more posts. *adds to list*

  2. Oh, I forgot to add, I don't get ARCs so that probably helps me not be behind, though I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of great books. Right now, on the occasion I get an email from a self-published author but I've had to turn down a couple just from time frame and with how crazy work has been. And it's going to get busy as the holidays approach. So, pro that I've got no deadlines on what I read besides when the library books are due, but con in that I don't get to read the neat books before they come out.

  3. Thank you Dawn! I missed you! (It's been a while haha) Ah, you busy bee! It's so difficult to multi-task when you have SO many things to do at the same time. I can barely manage to blog and comment back on people's blogs! *adds to my list*

    Definitely! ARCs add a whole bunch of extra work-load, but it's totally all worth it in the end! *strokes my copies* Hehe, I get those too, but like you said, time is a big thing and I'll have to decline once in a while when I know I can't—it's better than disappointing someone on the date. LIBRARY DEADLINES ARE CRAZY, HAHA! And the holiday season is crazy with new books coming out. Oh, the awesomeness of busyness! xD

  4. Oh yes. I definitely plan on reading it ALLLLL :b But I'm so tight on time right now and everything in my life is piling up so recently, I've had to make a sacrifice. Now I'm just making a dent through most review copies and then saving my personal reads for November/December when I know I'm going to have more time. It's not an ideal situation but it's getting me through. Plus it helps that my review copies are ones that I'm genuinely interested in so they make for good reads. Definitely just go with the flow though. Once you get into a system (and unconsciously, at that) then it'll all just make sense. Enjoooyyy life, is what I like to advocate!

    (And yes...if only there were 50 hours in a day. Imagine how productive I would be :b)

    Fabulous discussion topic, Michelle! <3

    Jess @ My Reading Dress

  5. This is a great question Michelle, how indeed do we plan on reading it all? I have been asking myself the same question, and the list exercise definitely helps, but at the end of the day I am an emotional reader and will pick up what I feel like, including ARCs.

  6. @Jess: Ahh! The awesomeness of reading during Christmastime is the best of all! Aw, I totally understand. I barely get to read during the week because of school, studying and all! I'm thankful for any moments I've got with my babies. ;D Reading books that you're 100% interested is really what keeps me going! 50 hours would give me so much time for everything! 6 hours of school, so many hours to chill, xD!

    Thank you, lovely! <3

  7. @Jeann: LOL yeah! Randomizing my reads makes everything better and puts me in the mood where I'll end up wondering, "Was this a great choice made by fate?" xD

  8. Mood reading... that is definitely me lately!! And I think that is the way to go if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. I've been there and I've felt burnt out--reading, reviewing, maintaining a blog... the stress! I think it's important to take sometime off for yourself, as well. This past week I took an unplanned break from blogging AND even reading! This week I am reading to get back into things! And lists... yes! Those are great too! :)

  9. @Liliana: I LOVE MOOD READING. It saves me all the time! :'D Ey, it's fine! Sometimes we need that break from reading and blogging for the good—you'll be even more obsessed as you get back to it! <33

  10. Heh... what an appropriate subject for me. I have far too much on my TBR list, and then the to review list from requests, the on my kindle and the actual books I have bought... so much to manage! But I suppose, as said, organization and surviving is key. Being in high school myself I understand the homework levels, and then reading and blogging on top of that is a lot of work. But we can do it! I will get to it all gradually (read-a-thons in holidays!) and just taking my time, pacing my reading and finding balance! (I make lists too :D)

  11. Tell me about it, haha! I love read-a-thons haha, I'm scheduling one myself for the blog! Lists are key to surviving, haha. Now that I think about it, I'm such a neat freak! :D ^_^


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