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Thursday, 18 September 2014

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What More We Need In YA!

During often times, we usually find ourselves choosing or randomly reading books about the same things. Sometimes, authors choose to write about the same topic book after book, or there are those times when we are so engaged in a subject that we end up getting books that are part of that genre or topic over and over again. Either way, we all get sick and tired of the same story twice eventually, so why not think about what else we need in YA?


NO. NO NO NO NO NO! Fudge, I wish I can just cross this out instantly. Who the heck wants love at first sight when it's too gooey, too cheesy, and too unreal? Of course, books are all about being in a different world that's unlike ours. It doesn't have to be real, but at least romance, something that BOOKS and HUMANS have in common is real. 

I find that characters in books are becoming too interested in the insights and different POVs of love. They think about the story, not about the feelings. And that's how desperation occurs, and how insta-love is formed.

I even made a graph showing how it is performed: (sorry for the small size)

2. Stories that seem so real and moving that you're blown out of your mind.

We need stories that are about more real things! Contemporary, yes, but about something different! We find that contemporaries are often copied and repeated about over and over again. 

How about something like... a futuristic war between two races? (Magical?) There's so many things I can possibly think of that rarely have been done before. Usual cheesy romance stories can be cute, but we've got enough of them!

3. Contemporary stories about stressful subjects—racism, war, etc.

Who doesn't love a story that is so real, touching and moving that their feels explode and go all over the place? (Okay, some people don't like to cry in books, but I love being emotional.) Stories with subjects like these are craving to me. What about some more contemporaries about being in the mind of a murderer or something?

I just realized that I can be giving out book ideas to future authors. Haha, good luck with that! (I'll be first in line to the bookstore on publishing day.)



One of the only fantasy series that is 100000000% acceptable to me is the one and only Throne of Glass, of course. Who can hate Celaena and her amazing kick-assness and the hot guys? Haters, go to the left and get out of here. xD

5. Powerful sequels

I cannot even count and remember how many times a sequel was horrible. I have gone through the symptoms of Second Book Syndrome more times than you can count on your fingers and toes, each doubled. It's hideous, and it ruins me every time. Now, I can count on my fingers on how many times a sequel did greatly impress me, like Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas, or Where She Went by Gayle Forman.

Repeat (OUT LOUD) after me: We, people of YA, young adult literature, wish to receive powerful sequels that will blow our minds and eyeballs out of their sockets. We want to be in a book-hangover that will gladly ruin our moods for days, but it'll be worth it anyway. SING TO THE BOOKGODS AND CHEERS TO FINE LITERATURE.



I must admit that YA is surely perfect the way it is, but everything needs its improvements, of course. Subjects and genres should be brought to whole different levels, and our knowledge of books's subjects should be improved. YA is my life, basically, and I'd seriously don't know what I'd do without it. 


What do you think we need more in YA? Or, what do we see too much of?


  1. Fab post, Michelle! I'm definitely with you on all these points. Especially the first. Could we petition against insta!love, please. I just don't understand how the concept even came to be. But then again, thanks to it, I had a great laugh when reading your graph! And of course, yes to realism! I love realism--it just makes it so much easier to connect to the story!

    Jess @ MyReadingDress

  2. YES. YES. YES. YES. and YES!! I agree with all of those, especially powerful sequels! It's like the hangover book -_- I do NOT approve. I do approve of and love this post though :) Lovely post, lovely Michelle <3

  3. UGH! Instalove! I totally instahate instalove! Wow, that was sort of confusing, lol. But yes! I totally agree that there needs to be less of this! Where's the connection?? Instalove is just so unrealistic and, honestly, overdone, whether intentionally or not! And another yes to the sequels!!! Luckily, I have read some great sequels, some that are even better than book one! But you are right, Second Book Syndrome is out there and ready to strike when you least expect it!

  4. @Jess: Thank you, lovely! <3 Ugh—I think every bookworm has gone through the phase of hating instalove, but I despise it. It pains me so much! xD LOLOLOL! I needed my feelings of instalove to be spread out, so that graph actually helped me with dealing with my hate. x) <33

  5. @Rachel: Thanks a million, lovely-dearest! <3 XD We need more of them! I wish that every book can be perfect... (Although books in general are and are far more and beyond perfect, hehe)

  6. @Liliana: DARN IT! Right? Ou! I like the phrase! ;D How can someone make that happen unintentionally? It's just impossible. These authors *pats them on back* must have some secret into why the fudgekins they choose to use instalove! Everyone hates it! That's absolutely true! Again, Where She Went was even better than If I Stay. So cheers to books that get better and better each time around! :)

  7. I totally agree with your post Mich, GET RID OF THE INSTANT LOVE, seriously, It's just a convenient plot device. And I'm sick of sequels that are boring and worse than the first book, making us give up on a series.

    I think we're looking for different plotlines and books that we haven't read over and over again, only in a different cover. Lovely post hun!


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