Stacking the Shelves #44: June 14

Sunday, 14 June 2015

This Week's Headlines:

I've been such a horrible blogger this week. Hah. I mean, there has always been something to do for school, and there was even one night where I didn't even take a peek at my blog—Thursday. I literally died after I realized this. I had to write an essay, study for a test, practice for two presentations, and deal with the stress that exams are coming this week. WOW. This year has gone by so fast and I'm so excited for the summer! I'll be reading like a maniac, that's all I'm planning to do. 

Yesterday I went to the library and I came back with a huge splurge of books, which you'll see below. And then I also began with my BEA 2015 recaps, recapping all three days (BookCon and My Overall Thoughts will come later today and tomorrow) which made me the happiest person ever. I loved talking about it and looking through my photos!

I can't believe I'm going to be in tenth grade next year! Wish me luck on my Religion, Science and English exams on Wed-Fri! *sends hugs* How was your week?

My Book Haul:

Library haul! 11 newbies!

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume
Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot
The Three by Sarah Lotz
Lola Carlyle's 12-Step Romance by Danielle Younge-Ullman
Playing With Matches by Suri Rosen
I Was Here by Gayle Forman
Guy in Real Life by Steve Brezenoff
All Fall Down by Ally Carter
Conversion by Katherine Howe
The Good Girls by Sara Shepard
Golden by Jessi Kirby

The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow: Many, many thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada for throwing me a gorgeous copy of this one in the mail! It's definitely a crazily anticipated one by me (and others)! 

Adding this sequel to my collection!

The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon: SOO... YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE HOW MUCH I GOT THIS ONE FOR. $1! It's brand-new, from my library's book sale, and I'm probably the first to be reading it. I know I'll love this series, and I can't wait to read the first novel!


  1. Royal Wedding is awesome:) I wouldn't consider it adult though. Did you read The Bone Season? One dollar?? That's how to shop:D Great haul!

    1. Woooo! That's even better, a YA vibe sounds awesome! No, I haven't read TBS yet! I actually got that one for a bargain too a while ago, I think for $7? :D Hehe, thanks Kitty!

  2. Great haul! So many awesome looking books! And good luck on your exams! You'll do great! :)

    1. Thank you so much Liliana!! :DD Trying to get through everything so I brace myself for a summer full of reading!


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