The Summoning, by Kelley Armstrong

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Title: The Summoning

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Rating: 3/5 stars

Release Date: July 1, 2008

Publisher: HarperCollins

Format: Paperback Edition

Goodreads Average Rating: 4.04

Age Group: 12+

    I didn't think that I would read any of Kelley Armstrong's novels ever again after The Gathering, but I wanted to try and see what kind of paranormal novels she wrote, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't as pleased either.

   This novel really reminded me of Lauren Kate's Fallen. This one is about a girl who is kind of being posessed, and her aunt sends her to a home for troubled teens. Then of course she meets a guy, and everything changes, you get what I mean, right?

   I was really captivated in the beginning. I loved the prologue, it was so perfect! I think a little after she got sent to the school, the whole story itself went down, and got uninteresting itself. I really don't know why, but it did.

   Chloe was a good heroine. She seemed to be very independent and confident in herself, and if you've read my other reviews, you'd know that I like those traits in a lead.

 “Simon: Anyone ever tell you your sense of timing really sucks?
Derek: That's why I don't play the drums. Now what's up?"

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