Stacking the Shelves #47: July 19

Sunday, 19 July 2015

This Week's Headlines:

Greetings! Last week I completely forgot about setting this post up, and I didn't really have much time to do it at the last minute. *shrugs* How was everyone's week? Mine went pretty well, if I do say so myself. I spent a big chunk of my time at home, where I've been reading and trying to catch up with my reviews. At the moment as I'm writing this, I have 2 more to write! *cheers* Starting Monday (tomorrow), I'll be back and ready to comment on everyone's blogs! Just hit me a comment below if you'd like some fellow bloggy love! It's one of my biggest goals for the summer, to become a better blogger, and I'm ready to do it. Plus, me beginning to catch up on everything I've missed and learning how to keep commenting will help me out while on vacation in Florida next month. :)

On Wednesday I headed to the city, Toronto, with a friend, my sister and my mom! I always love heading to the city because of its busy atmosphere and the endless amount of things to do. If I really wanted to explore it all, it would take me weeks! We headed to a large shopping mall that I somehow never have been to, ever. They had a gigantic bookstore inside, but didn't get anything as I'm kind of on a book buying ban? Kind of. I just have so many to read and I feel like passing out every time I stare at my shelves. And then there's the BEA books, of course. 

This summer's going by so slowly, and I'm so thankful! There's still almost 2 months left! 

My Book Haul:

*plays royal music* DUN DUN DUNNNN! Yeah, I know, they're so beautiful. I GOT THE HEART OF BETRAYAL OHMYGOD AGHHHH YAYAYAY! Excuse me for my fangirling, it's just that I've been waiting for it all year! (Left 3 are library books, right 4 are purchased)

Tease by Amanda Maciel: This is a 2014 debut that's been on my list before it even hit stands. I'm so glad to finally have a copy borrowed from the library with its new gorgeous paperback cover! Bullying is a subject that's not found so often in YA so it'll be a great new adventure.

Second Star by Alyssa B. Sheinmel: Peter Pan? A retelling? Modern day? I'm so in. Like Tease, this is a 2014 read that I've wanted forever. Wendy's the coolest chick in all fairytales, just saying.

Wildlife by Fiona Wood: I haven't read the first book in this contemporary series, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't matter the order you read them in because it features different characters/storylines. This has a beautiful cover and seems to be that perfect summer romance story!

Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern: John Green and Rainbow Rowell's pure stellar writing mixed together. This is my kind of read. I received a copy of Cammie's second book at BEA, and I kind of wanted both at the same time so I can binge them if I enjoy one. Plus, I purchased this in a 2 for $15 deal with Half Bad!

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline: I remember discovering this one through my awesome mom, who thought that it would be such a good read, and now I've gotten a copy! It sounds similar to Orphan Number Eight, a new book that is being released soon that I saw at New York City.

Half Bad by Sally Green: So I'm not the biggest fan of paranormal novels, but I wanted this for the longest time for some reason. Hopefully it'll satisfy my expectations and needs of a great book!

THE HEART OF BETRAYAL BY MARY E. PEARSON: As I mentioned above, FINALLY. I love the cover (of course) and I'm going to read it right now, or next or as soon as possible. FINALLY MY BABY IS HERE.

How to Be Bad by E. Lockhart, Lauren Myracle and Sarah Mlynowski: All of my favourite authors, jam packed together for a summer road trip read? I think this gears towards my style! What a magnificent cover! *heart eyes* Ah, that's the sound of enjoyment.

Stand-Off by Andrew Smith: Hey pretty! Hey birds! Thanks a million to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me a copy of the sequel to Winger, which I just borrowed from the library to binge-read the two! *sends hugs* You guys certainly know how to make me smile!

Those were a lot of books, I have tons of reading to do!

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  1. You got a ton of reading to do:) Don't we allXD I am listening to the audiobook of Kiss of Deception. Really enjoying it and hopefully get to the next one soon:D I've got Say What You Will and haven't read it yet. . . .

    1. Haha, my pile is never ending! xD OMG I've always wanted to listen to an audiobook but they take so long :( LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE CLIFFHANGERS AND SHOCKING SECRETS SPILLED! We should buddy read Say What You Will someday! :)

  2. Oh I'm so looking forward to reading Stand Off!

    Happy reading!

    1. YES, I'm crazy excited to binge read it and Winger at the same time! I heard that the cliffhangers between the two are outrageous! Thank you, Joy!!


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