Reading on Vacation!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

~Reading on Vacation~

As I am currently in paradise (NO, FOR REAL) I am having the time of my life. No more stress, no more worries, no worrying about school. I finally have the time to read, blog and watch the waves smash the sand with their oh-so-gracious sound and peacefulness. At least, that's what I'm witnessing now, at the moment. Reading on vacation is the best thing ever and here are the basics and awesomeness of it!

1. One of the only cons is that you have to worry about the weight of your bag! *shrugs*

So when I go on vacation, I tend to read a lot. SO MUCH that I always have trouble to decide whether I should head into the water or read. THEY SHOULD HONESTLY MAKE SOMETHING WHERE YOU CAN READ IN THE WATER. (No, I've heard about the e-reader, people.) 

Anyways, I bring a lot of books. This time around, I took 14 with me, which is actually a small amount compared to other years, but I have my Kindle with me with over 300 books, so I think we're good here. So no worry about weight of my carry-on bag!

2. I recommend bringing books with small font where you have more to read!

That is actually the best tip. Books with small font are horrible to read, but they're good on trips since you can read them for a longer time. All of the books this time around that I brought are all so large with small font!

3. Bring books that have been in your bookshelf for a while or that you really would like to read!

I'm honestly serious that half of the pretties that I brought with me are all some that I've even had for two years! It's the best way to get rid of those that you once wanted but forgot about!

4. Get ready for folded books and some rips!

I tear up every time I see a fold on a book, and the water is bound to FOLD YOURS. Seriously, I look at After by Anna Todd, which was the first book I read here, and it's not in a really good condition, and I LOVED IT. :( 


Really, everyone here is reading something. You walk down the shore of the beach and you can find fifty people at least who are reading a book or a magazine, and I love seeing what they're up to or which book they're actually reading. 

Do you enjoy reading on vacation?
What kinds of books do you tend to bring along?

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