Elusion by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam Review

Saturday, 23 May 2015
Elusion (Elusion #1), by Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam
Publication: March 18, 2014, by Katherine Tegen Books
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Dystopian, Romance
Pages: 382
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
Rating: ½

Soon, Elusion® will change the world and life as we know it.
A new technology called Elusion is sweeping the country. An app, visor and wristband will virtually transport you to an exotic destination where adventure can be pursued without the complications—or consequences—of real life.
Regan is an Elusion insider. Or at least she used to be. Her father invented the program, and her best friend, Patrick, heir to the tech giant Orexis, is about to release it nationwide. But ever since her father’s unexpected death, Regan can’t bear to Escape, especially since waking up from the dream means crashing back to her grim reality.
Still, when there are rumors of trouble in Elusion—accusations that it’s addictive and dangerous— Regan is determined to defend it. But the critics of Elusion come from surprising sources, including Josh, the handsome skeptic with his own personal stakes. As Regan investigates the claims, she discovers a disturbing web of secrets. She will soon have to choose between love and loyalty…a decision that will affect the lives of millions.
Suspense, thrills, and romance fuel this near-future story about the seductive nature of a perfect virtual world, and how far one girl will go to uncover the truth behind the illusions.

My Thoughts: 

Everyone has their own kind of image of what the world will be like in fifty years. A hundred years. Four hundred years. There's so many different interpretations that you can make, and I believe that there's no wrong answer. Maybe one day humankind will all be gorillas. (That's NOT my interpretation, by the way, haha). That's why I adore reading dystopian novels. They give me the view of life that I can't think of myself since there are an infinite amount to think about. Elusion was one of the most unique and rare ways I see humankind's destiny, and it surely was one of the best.

I first discovered this novel last year, around the time when it was released. I instantly added it to my TBR list on Goodreads, and AGH I wanted it for the longest time, honestly. The cover intimidated and overthrew all of the other covers of 2014, and I was sitting here in awe. Actually, I barely knew the what the plot was about, but I knew I wanted this gorgeous thing. *winks*

"But I think about the train a few minutes ago and how Elusion was everywhere. After today, there'll be no place for me to hide. At least not in the real world." (Paperback, page 14)

Gabel and Klam threw this phenomenal prose into place with an electrifying app that everyone wants: Elusion. It's all about throwing on a pair of glasses, closing your eyes, finding a companion to go into the other world with, and imagining yourself anywhere you'd like to go. Regan's dad is the creator of Elusion, but after he died in an accident, she feels lost but still tries to support the company. Now, her best friend, Patrick, has taken over the company and is making millions—with pure famousness in his hands. What happens when rumours unfold about Elusion and there are secrets behind it that were never meant to be told?

Here's the actual definition of the future. It's taken place in Detroit, where the US is with power and contains the most technology. It actually involves a ton of science terminology that is difficult to understand at first, but it's easy to tell what is what and it all forms together into a reader's mind. But the authors did a fantastic job at making it clean, fresh and raw. It's so interesting and captivating to find out about some kind of app that creates rage and new dimensions. *throws a party*

My overall thoughts contain absolute praise and happiness. I'm so delighted with how everything turned out to be, especially since I was excited, but a little anxious with trying to find out what'll the reaction be. I read this in one sitting, and I actually knew that I would love this after the first chapter. It's a "ME READ," know what I'm saying? I believe that any reader would be proud to have and devour a novel like this, because you won't read anything like it for ages.

"'I know what it's like. When you lose someone, it's hard to let them go. You come up with a thousand excuses that will explain why they were taken from you—reasons that will make all the pain go away.'" (Paperback, page 166)

The storyline was absolutely crazily awesome. My heart raced, pounded, and I was unable to stop reading. It's been awhile since I've read a book like this, to be honest.

Anyone want to change that "fantastic" into "weird?" That was my only tiny issue with this all. Regan was... meh. She was kick-ass, I couldn't let that go out of my sight, but there was something about her that studded me. Most of the time, she was whiny and made all of the people around her look like they're so much worse and grosser than her. GIRL, YOU'RE NOT A DETECTIVE OR TECH GENIUS, CHILL. Okay? Okay. To be honest, that was my only negative point that I was trying to get across, and the love triangle was beautiful. IT WORKED SINCE IT HAD TO DO WITH A MYSTERY. Josh was the sweet, helpful one, and Patrick was the villain. Guess which one I prefer?

You've guessed it, my cool, app-tech-genius friends. HE RULES AND HE'S ADORABLE AND AGHHHHHH! Fangirl alert, duh.

Well, you've actually guessed it. I'M SO EXCITED FOR ETHERWORLD AND I'M GOING TO GET IT ASAP. Or, I'll be the cool person waiting for an autographed copy so I'll go and meet Claudia at BEA and get my dream copy. All in all, I'm the happiest person alive after now realizing how much enjoyment this one gave me. It had the setting, the plot, the characters, the romance, THE ENDING. If you hadn't enjoyed this one and devoured it like a gooey ice cream sundae, then you're ineligible for a chance to get the Elusion app for yourself, made by me. Hah. Hah.

What do you think apps will end up being in the future?


  1. A love triangle that works? That definitely makes me intrigued to read this book. I had heard some fairly mixed reviews, so it's great to hear that you enjoyed it! I think I'd read it anyway just based on the cover alone...

    Eugenia @ Genie In A Book

    1. YES! I must admit that those are SO rare to find, since love triangles are normally a hideous thing to be added into books for me. This and the sequel's cover is so gorgeous that I need a finished copy of both right now, framed! :DD


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