Me on Posting Daily

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Me on Posting Daily

So I'd like to call myself someone who is classified as a frequent blogger. I strongly love bragging about this since I usually schedule a post a day in advance, and love to see something new posted on the blog each day. I really don't care if there aren't any views or comments on it, but I just like the organization and feeling of it all. 

As you can tell, I pretty much have myself organized on what kinds of post I will be posting each day. Here's a layout of what I do:

Sunday: Stacking the Shelves Post (Book Haul time!)

Monday: Review 

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday post (I'll be posting my last one soon, and then switching to another meme because of boredom!)

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Discussion Thursday—like this!

Friday: Review

Saturday: 2 reviews

I've changed the way I do things over the time period and every few months I usually get bored with something so I just do it all over again and try to get creative with things. But for now, this is how I do, hah.

For practically the biggest part of my blogging career, I have been posting daily. I mean, of course there are the few odd days out, but I've been pretty good with keeping my stuff clean and such. So what are my thoughts on posting daily and what are the benefits? 

  • Publishers LOVE active bloggers.
  • It gives everyone a good reputation since it truly shows that you love what you're doing and you seem like you plan everything out
  • Scheduling seems to be a MUST and actively used thing when blogging
  • You like to feature a variety of different posts to mix it up and show some awesomeness for your readers.
  • You're more likely to be placed on a blogger ARC list if you post frequently! This makes it look like you frequently read and review books as well.

These are just some of the points, but I'm telling you—if I could make my own club or group of active bloggers, I'd look for people who actively blog. It's just one of the first steps onto having and maintaining your rep, and it helps in the future as well. This is like the opposite of how I keep my Instagram account going, I usually post every other day! 

After a while, it becomes a routine, so I believe that everyone gets used to it eventually and seems like nature to actually go up and try to write your posts ASAP. It gets stressful sometimes, BUT IT'S WORTH IT, I TELL YOU.

What are your thoughts on posting daily? Do you do it, or leave a break day?


  1. I have a schedule and try to post daily too! It's hard though because I'm a procrastinator so I don't write reviews very quickly haha :)

    1. Yeah, I agree! It takes me some time to actually write the review (about 40 minutes per review if I don't procrastinate, LOL) but I need to be in the writing mood! :D

  2. Wow you are basically everything I strive to be. Two reviews on the same day while still posting every single other day? THAT is a level of awesomeness I'm not sure I will ever be able to reach. I currently post maybe once a week.. sometimes not even. It's shameful but I am trying to be better. I don't think I'll ever be the type of person who's committed and determined enough to write a post every day but at the very least, I'm trying to set deadlines for myself so that I get into the habit of blogging more consistently.

    1. Don't worry, girl! Honestly, it's really difficult to get in the habit of doing it and actually starting to plan everything out. Once you begin, you'll be fine, I know it! Of course you'll get there! I've had times where I didn't feel like writing a post until I realize that it's supposed to go up the next day and I panic, and there were times where school was so hectic that I didn't have time to do everything and I had to reschedule it... but it gets better I promise. Yes, deadlines for ourselves and our minds are the best! :DD

  3. I've tried to post daily but it just never works out for me. There are times where I actually take these unplanned breaks (such as now!) because blogging just starts feeling like a job when it's not. It's supposed to be fun! So I just step back, take a break, and come back refreshed *wanting* to blog. I think I just stress myself out... I really need to stop doing that, lol.


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