Stacking the Shelves #39: May 3

Sunday, 3 May 2015

This Week's Headlines:

23 days until BEA, y'all! Happy May, by the way! *frowns because rhymes* Nothing much has been going on during this week, but I am pretty proud that I've gotten many more chances to read books than usual. I've almost finished a book a day lately! This reminds me of last year in eighth grade where I had so much time on my hands. *flashbacks with tears* And I've read a bunch of beauties lately as well, so everything's going great!

To be honest, this post is so short since the week went by so quickly and not much has been happening, haha. You'll catch a ton of reviews this week, so I eagerly ask you to prepare yourself for the worst. Jokes, they're mostly all positive reviews! *snickers* My review on the first play I've ever read is coming tomorrow, though! How has your week been?

We're also beginning to get some news on The Scorch Trials movie, which is getting me SO excited! Here's more info:

My Book Haul:

Like I said... BORING. I only picked up one book from the library, but I really want to read it, so it's okay if we sound the sirens, haha.

All the Rage by Courtney Summers: I've heard everything but negative things, and I'm seriously gearing myself up for drama, action and kisses. Summers is a thrilling author, and I know that she'll stun me again with this one once more.

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How was your week? What are your newest additions, anything to fangirl about?

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