Having Friends That Read...

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Having Friends That Read...

   So I've gone through this topic with some of my bloggy friends many times over and over again... but I've come to realize that I've never covered it on here, haha.

    Friends That Read Are Honestly The Best.

    Period. I mean, I actually have a lot, now that I'm in high school. I guess you can say that I've found my inner group of people to hang out with, especially since I talk about books like for 50% of the day whenever I can. I probably have about 7 or 8 friends who really love reading and we end up talking so much in class that the teacher has to tell us to be quiet. 

    I can't resist sitting in math class talking with my friend about ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND JOSH AND ST. CLAIR AND UGHHH. What're you supposed to do, right? And then my best friend asked me for book recommendations—I spent half of the day writing a huge super-long list of my favourites but there were still more. Now, I'm just handing her all of my copies of those beauties one after the other to borrow.

    I haven't gone on a mall shopping trip with them yet, but I know that we'll all run to the bookstore at our first chance. But hey, we should do that sometime soon since the stress of exams are over. ;)

     And also... WE WATCH THE SAME TV SHOWS. I've never come to realize that I have such good friends, both on the internet and not, until now. (Not that I never loved you guys...)

      Then you should think about it—if a book that you and your friend loved turned into a movie, you guys will probably be at the movie premiere as one of the actors because you just are so obsessed. 


SO... Do you have any friends that read as much as you do or even more?
How is your bookish relationship with them?

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