Top Ten Tuesday #26: Top Ten Books I'd Read If I Had a Book Club

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

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Top Ten Books I'd Read If I Had a Book Club

I've always wanted to join one of those book clubs, but sadly I don't actually know a lot of people who read who live around me... so it's impossible. But it's always awesome to join one on Goodreads, right? Here are my top picks that I'd read if I did have a book club myself! (Click on the cover for the Goodreads link!)

1.  The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

This seems like one of those fantasy novels that everyone needs to read. I really, really adored it and every single person needs to discuss it because it was so addicting.

2.   My Beautiful Failure, by Janet Ruth Young

The romance was booming, and the message was so clear and unique at the same time. A suicide hotline worker? This is something unique and different from everything I've read.

3.    Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes

This is one of the most AMAZING contemporary psychological-thrillers I've read to date. Its message definitely seems like something you'll need to discuss with your friends.

4.    Criminal, by Terra Elan McVoy

What happens when you're a criminal and you don't even know it until later? Yep, this is what happens.

5.    What Happens Next, by Colleen Clayton

I've just realized that I've used this in so many Top Ten Tuesdays before, but it certainly was amazing and needs more attention. It deals with such modern but scary issues that more people need to become aware of.

6.     Ignite, by Lily Paradis

Yeah, this one's adorable but captivating. Who doesn't want to squeal about a romance with their friends?

7.    Dangerous Boys, by Abigail Haas

YES. Dangerous Boys was awesome, and when there's a ton of plot twists, you definitely feel in the mood to freak. I want all of my friends to read this one day, haha.

8.    Far From You, by Tess Sharpe

This was everything I wanted and more. It also was packed with plot twists and issues: depression, friendship and obsession. What else?

9.    If You Could Be Mine, by Sara Farizan 

This was actually one of the first LGBT books I've ever read to date, and it was stitched with diversity and uniqueness. #YANEEDSDIVERSITY

10.    The Impossible Knife of Memory, by Laurie Halse Anderson

PTSD, PEOPLE. It got me needing tissues and well, there were broken characters. This also became one of the best books of 2014 for me!
What books would you choose to read
in your book club or if you had one?


  1. Young Elites is pretty good! I enjoyed it a lot! Did you ignite was free on Amazon? I'm upset I missed it:(

    1. Yay, I totally agree! No, I actually read it when I signed up for a blog tour for it from the publisher. :)

  2. I almost put Liars, Inc on my list. I really want to read Ignite, Far From You and Dangerous Boys. It is hard to find people to join a book club. Last winter a friend of mine set one up but every time we made a date to meet and discuss the books it would snow. We ended up only meeting once and with very few people. Maybe spring is a better time to start one. Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

    1. I totally agree with you! I really don't know too many people who would take the time out to read and discuss, so that's definitely not going to work. Thank you, Michelle, and you really need to pick up Far From You and DB!

  3. *gasps* I loved Ignite! I'm not always big on romances, but I was pleasantly surprised by Paradis's book. I initially read it through a book tour website a while back, and I definitely think it would be fun to squeal over with a book club:) I have yet to read the other titles on your list, however I recently bought The Young Elites and I'm excited to start reading it. Love the list:)

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. AHH SAME! I read it when I signed up for a blog tour during its initial release and it was honestly the best. I'm so excited to hear your thoughts on The Young Elites! *squeals* Thank you, Claire! <3

  4. Ah, I love your list! Almost all of these books are on my to-be-read-eventually list. :) Especially My Beautiful Failure because that is so original. I was a little leery about Liars Inc (I don't know why), but since you give it your approval, I definitely want to read it now! What Happens Next sounds interesting plus it's from Poppy, who have come out with a couple of my favorite books.

    I haven't heard of Ignite, so I'll be looking it up. I was supposed to read Dangerous Boys months ago. *sigh* And Far From You, that's one of my most…anticipated reads from 2014 (was?). If You Could Be Mine sounds cute. And The Impossible Knife of Memory, I have that one! I haven't read it yet though, but I will!

    This is why I need a book club, to give me a "reason" to read the books I've been planning on reading.

    My TTT for Adult Fiction


    1. Thanks, Amber! <33 Ah well our lists go on forever and we can always promise that we'll get to each and every one of these books, hah. I really can't wait to hear your thoughts on a lot of these beauties! *squeals* OMG DANGEROUS BOYSSS AGHHHHHH. Book clubs will get the best of me, really. I NEED ONE.


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